Councilors share announcements



Members of city council relayed several announcements during the Tuesday, Dec. 11 meeting of the City Council.

Councilor Peter Kelley shared that the deadline for flu vaccination for preschool children is Monday, Dec. 31.

“It’s a Department of Public Health requirement that children who are not vaccinated cannot attend school or the program, so, we ask that all parents and caregivers please get their children vaccinated,” said Kelley.

He also announced that the Community Conversation about Equity, Inclusiveness, and Excellence will be held on Thursday, Jan. 3, from 5:30 to 8 p.m., in the Bristol Eastern High School cafeteria, and that attendees should contact Susan Everett, executive assistant to the Superintendent of Bristol Public Schools, via email susaneverett@

“This is going to be facilitated by Kerry Lord, who works at the CT Center for School Change,” said Kelley.

Councilor Mary Fortier reminded residents about the importance of donating blood, especially during busy seasons.

“Giving blood certainly saves lives and it’s very important,” said Fortier.

She also announced that it was the last week of open enrollment for the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange.

“If you or someone you know needs insurance or needs to reapply or re-enroll for the coming year, this is the last week to do so, and you can do that at Access Health CT online, or in their office in New Britain, 19 Chestnut St,” said Fortier.

Councilor Dave Preleski announced that those in the mindset of charitable giving should exercise caution, and reminded all to not share personal information such as your Social Security number of charge card information, unless you are sure of the validity of the organization.

“We will be inundated this month with phone calls from purveyors and from very seemingly worthy causes, and I want our residents to be careful. Try not to commit if you get a solicitation from an entity you’re not familiar with,” said Preleski.

Preleski also reminded residents that if they do hope to make charitable donations, there are many nonprofit organizations in Bristol and the surrounding area.

“I would urge you to either contact the United Way or the Main Street Community Foundation, and if you go to the MSCF webpage, there’s a piece for wish lists for local nonprofits. And I will tell you, if you review this, there’s just about something for anyone who wants to give. So, if you are considering charitable donations I would urge you to try to keep your money local if you can and take advantage of what exists right here in Bristol,” said Preleski.

Councilor Dave Mills reminded residents of the parking ban that has taken effect, which says that cars cannot be parked on the road from 2 to 70 a.m.

“I just want to acknowledge the return of our Police Chief (Brian) Gould, he comes back from the FBI training academy in Quantico, on Monday Dec. 17,” said Councilor Josh Medeiros. “I want to thank our acting chief, Captain Edward Spyros, on behalf of the police commission and the city council for his efforts over the last few months here.”

Medeiros also announced that program registration for winter and spring activities through the city will open on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019.

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