School staff awarded mini-grants




The Bristol Business Education Foundation awarded over $14,000 to 18 teachers during the 2018-2019 Mini-Grant presentations, held on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.

Bristol Central High School Italian teacher Gina Gallo was awarded the inaugural Jim Rogers Memorial Fund award for her project, “Rams Become DaVinci Apprentices.” Gallo was presented her check, a total of $500 from the Foundation and Memorial Grant, by Joe Johnson and Mike Thomas, as well as Jim Rogers’ two sisters, Sarah and Pam.

This grant was established to honor Jim Rogers, described as “one of the Bristol School system’s most outstanding and dedicated educators,” who “taught children with special needs at the Bristol Boys and Girls Club and Language Arts at Memorial Boulevard Middle School for a combined 32 years.”


“What our teachers do with less than $500 is pretty incredible,” said Superintendent Dr. Susan Moreau. “When you’re thinking about a good way to donate money, the Business Education Foundation is a really excellent choice because it goes directly into classrooms.”

Also from BCHS, Nicole Shook was awarded $200 for her project, “ThinkFirst At Bristol Central.”

Bristol Eastern High School’s Ashley Ingvertsen was awarded $150 for her project, “Beat the Clock, Unlock Learning.”

Bridget Gohla, an ACCESS [Accessing Courses and Credits for Special Students] teacher with Bristol Adult Education, was awarded two grants. Her grant, “Building the Spirit of Community,” was awarded $204.18, and “Cultivating conversations,” was awarded $465.70.

Several teachers from Chippens Hill Middle School were awarded funding. Joseph Capitani and Alyson Silva’s project, “Chippens Hill Middle School C.A.R.E.S Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports,” was awarded $1,500. “CHMS Helping Hands Program,” submitted by Kathryn Krawiec and Lauren Humphrey, was awarded $700. James Deschaine’s project, “Makerspace,” was awarded $1,256.20.

Greene-Hills, which serves students from kindergarten to eighth grade, also received numerous grants. “Gator Makers Making a Difference,” submitted by Kristine Woods was awarded $1,170. Shawn Carmody’s project, “Having a Ball with Coding,” was awarded $800. Terry Grant submitted a project entitled, “The Compliments Project,” which was awarded $709.85. “SMART SPACE for Student Social Emotional Learning Groups,” submitted by Sandra Godin, was awarded $500. And, Kristen Cicchetti’s project, “You Can Be My Wingman Anytime,” was awarded $2,000.

Marcy Deschaine of Mountain View School was awarded two grants, one for $1,250.60 and one for $678.55, for “Reading Garden,” and “Mornings Matter,” respectively.

Northeast Middle School’s Janice Rustico was awarded $950 for her project, “Flexible and Desk-Cycle Student Desks.”

Lisa Ayotte of Hubbell School received $144 for her project, “Read All ABout It…Hubbell Hounds are Pawsome!”.

And, Linda Rich of the Family Resource Centers was awarded $2,000 for her project, “Calm Down Kits to Support Mindful Practices in the Classroom.”

Terry Grant – accompanied by fourth grader, Kayla Beaulieu, and fifth grader, Caitlyn Carbone – explained that he received a mini grant a few years before to assist in the running of the Greene-Hills school store, which Grant calls Gators Incorporated. Beaulieu and Carbone serve as two of the three store managers.

Beaulieu, the Gators Inc., human resource manager, and Carbone, the manager in charge of inventory, helped Grant present a green sweater shirt, normally reserved for Greene-Hills eighth graders, to Assistant Superintendent Dr. Catherine Carbone.

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