Superintendent gives update on plans for Memorial Boulevard



During the Wednesday, Feb. 6, meeting of the Board of Education, Superintendent of Bristol Public Schools Dr. Susan Moreau, gave an update regarding the Memorial Boulevard Inter-District Arts Magnet School project.

Moreau said that there has been “a group of teachers and administrators” working with the architects on what is known as a programming committee. Currently, that committee is not planning curriculum. Instead, they are working with the “architects so they know what rooms need to be built into the school.”

The superintendent referenced the decision to keep high school students at their host schools for core curriculum   math, science, social studies, and English   which she explained took “about 12 classrooms” out of what “we would need to allow larger spaces for other parts of the curriculum.”

Once again, Moreau stressed that the magnet school would not be a performance arts school.

“A lot of the negative feedback we got was that we were going to ruin the theater programs, ruin the music programs, ruin the art programs. That really isn’t what this school is all about,” said Moreau. “We’re talking about what happens behind the curtain.”

Instead, the committee is looking at “having a creative construction pathway, a visual arts pathway, musical arts, television, video, and theatrics, possibly a culinary and food service entrepreneurship strand, entertainment, sports, events management, advertising, marketing, and communications.”

Moreau reminded those gathered that these details are not yet chiseled into stone, “but the architects have had the opportunity, after hearing these kinds of ideas, about how to construct many of the spaces in the school.”

“We’re still not done with either part of it. Eventually, programming will mean curriculum development, that’ll come much further down the line,” said Moreau.

The latest programming meeting was held on Saturday, Feb. 9. Meeting minutes for the MBIAMS committee can be found on the Bristol Board of Education website, (

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