If he didn’t talk about it, others will



Comedian Brad Williams is unafraid to tackle the elephant in the room with his stand-up routine.

That elephant is Williams’ dwarfism.

Some of his bits joke about the irony of a dwarf buying Lucky Charms; or how a foot-and-half of snow in Edmonton, Canada might not faze residents but for him, if he falls, it might mean he could die; and how his mere presence brings a smile to people’s faces.

The decision to find humor in being dwarf wasn’t one that he consciously made, said Williams, who was calling from Los Angeles before taking a jaunt to Alaska for some gigs. Williams said the audience pretty much decided for Williams that he should address – rather than ignore – his stature.

“If I don’t talk about it,” said Williams, “the audience is sitting there, ‘Does he know?’”

“They want to hear about it.”

Williams comes to Comix at the Mohegan Sun from Feb. 28 to March 2.

There are moments of self-deprecation in Williams’ jokes. But often his humor is driven by observations about other people’s reaction to his dwarfism.

Williams said he hopes he gives the audience some perspective.

He wants them to think, “Oh crap, I did that” or “I didn’t realize little people had to go through this” or “This isn’t something I expected and not what I thought their lives are about.”

“A lot of the fear and ignorance comes from the lack of exposure,” said Williams.

For instance, he said, “My lifelong friends and my wife, they forget I’m a dwarf.” And they are only reminded of the fact when he is confronted by some physical limitations… or when people stare.

Although his early days found dwarfism at the center of his humor, Williams said this is changing.

“As I get better known,” Williams said, “I can talk about it less.”

But Williams’ dwarfism will still play a role in his humor.

“I don’t know how to write a joke not from a dwarf perspective,” said Williams.

As he leaves behind the jokes about his dwarfism, Williams said, his jokes are focused on “whatever I find funny.”

“My writing style is whatever happens that is absurd, I talk about it.”

For instance, Williams said he will joke about how his wife will want to hold hands while they’re driving. When she reaches out, he’ll ask her, “What are you doing, I’m driving.” And she’ll say, “I want to feel close to you.” And he replies that they’re sitting alone in a two-seat sedan  how much closer can they get?

Many comedians have received a good deal of brickbats for going political with their humor.

Williams said he doesn’t bother joking about politics. He said there is a whole army of comedians who will take on that topic.

“A lot of people go to comedy shows to escape that,” said Williams. “They’re tired of it.”

“I like to give people an escape.”

Besides, he said, “I hate the vast majority of politicians.”

However, Williams was willing to tackle the social climate where some people feel perpetually offended.

“They strive for victimhood,” said William. They are jealous of people who are really victims and they want to steal that attention, said Williams.

Williams said he did a radio show recently. During the interview, the DJ told Williams that he too knew what it was like to be disability. He thenpulled off a glove to show Williams that he was had lost a third of a finger.

Williams said he wasn’t impressed.

“Anyone with a disability or has gone through a trauma, they strive to not let that define them,” said Williams.

Those people who declare themselves as victims often have a pretty good life, said Williams.

When audiences step into Comix to see Williams, he said, “If you have ADD, this show is for you” (quickly noting he has ADD).

Williams added, “If you strive to be a victim, don’t come to my show.”

“If you’ve writing a strongly worded letter to the editor, or written more than five Yelp reviews, don’t come,” said William.

However, he said, if you like high energy and fast-paced jokes, come on down.

Brad Williams will be performing at Comix at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville on Friday, March 1 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, March 2 at 7 and 9:30 p.m.

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Comedian Brad Williams comes to the Mohegan Sun’s Comix tonight through Saturday.