‘America’s Got Talent’ singer returning to public eye



Noah Guthrie first found national attention as a cast member on the TV show “Glee.”

Then he reentered the public eye as a contestant on “America’s Got Talent.”

Now, the singer –who has been opening for country great Dwight Yoakam  is working on making his name as a recording artist.

(Guthrie plays a solo show at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den on March 31. )

To that end, Guthrie said, in an email interview, he is in the process of writing new music.

“I’ve been writing a lot lately and I’m excited to get some new stuff out there,” said Guthrie. “I’ve been writing music since before ‘Glee’ or ‘AGT’ and the challenge has always been to write music that I am proud of and that other people will hopefully enjoy.”

A hint of what’s to come came in the form of Guthrie’s new single, “Moment.”

“I wrote ‘Moment’ in Nashville with two of my favorite writers, Gabe Dixon and Andrew Petroff,” said Guthrie. “We all really loved the kind of dark and mysterious undertones in the song.”

“After living with it for a while,” said Guthrie. “I thought it would be a great song to release as a single.”

“The vocal melody leans a little more pop than I’m used to,” said Guthrie, “but the lyrics still tell a story in a way that I’m familiar with.”

As far as his stylistic approach goes as he ventures forth with his own tunes, Guthrie said, “I’ve been writing music that leans more into the Americana world. A little country, a little folky, a little soulful.”

“I think people who saw me on ‘AGT’ would be a little surprised to know that most of my music isn’t very bluesy,” said Guthrie, who offered some belters during his stint on the competition show.

“While I definitely have a few songs that lean that way, the majority of my original music is much more Americana/singer-songwriter,” said Guthrie.

Besides “Glee” and “America’s Got Talent,” Guthrie also garnered considerable attention for a video of himself singing LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” The video shows Guthrie taking the song into a completely different direction than the original.

“I started posting cover videos on YouTube when I was about 17 years old,” said Guthrie of his viral video approach. “Originally, it was a way for me to express myself. Then more and more people started following me and I decided to start making it a regular thing.”

“I think YouTube has completely changed the game for musicians,” said Guthrie. “The fact that I was able to play songs in my bedroom and have them reach all the way across the world and connect with people in a meaningful way is still amazing to me.”

Guthrie said his stint on “America’s Got Talent” was an “awesome experience.”

“I got to sing a couple of really great songs and got to be seen and heard by about 15 million viewers per episode,” said the singer.

The show has opened doors for more gigs and helped shape his presence on stage at those gigs, said Guthrie.

Currently, Guthrie has been on the road with Dwight Yoakam. “It’s been great so far. The rooms have been beautiful and the crowds have been awesome.”

“I’m really trying to hit the road as much as possible this year,” said Guthrie. “I’m very thankful for these Dwight Yoakam shows… and for the Delta Rae shows coming up.

“It’s been a really good year and I’m looking forward to the rest of it,” said Guthrie.

And when fans stop into the Wolf Den on March 31, Guthrie said they can expect to hear “a bunch of love songs.”

“Love songs and sad songs seem to be my specialty,” said the singer.

Noah Guthrie performs at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den in Uncasville on Sunday, March 31 at 7 p.m. Admission is free but on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information, go to MoheganSun.com or NoahGuthrie.com.