Ladies Power Lunch gathers for March meeting



The Ladies Power Lunch started off as eight women gathering to spend some time together.

And from that simple beginning, the group has grown to 750 women.

Dr. Davia Shepherd of Bristol’s Saporito Chiropractic hosted the March 18 meeting at Farmington Gardens

Shepherd said the Ladies Power Lunch grew out of a group of friends, all either entrepreneurs, business owners, or working in high level corporate positions who were unable to make time to spend together. So, they decided to carve out a date, the third Monday of each month, to make time.

Noting how the organization grew from eight members to 750 member, Shepherd said, “We welcome women from all over Connecticut and Massachusetts to come join us.”

Each month, Shepherd explained, features a different guest speaker, and in honor of International Women’s History Month, Shepherd invited Cornell Thomas.

Shepherd said is a TED talks speaker with an international reach, as well as a best-selling author.

“You might be thinking, it’s a women’s event in honor of national women’s history month, why are we having a male speaker?” said Shepherd. “But I’ll tell you, he has a unique perspective when it comes to women and what our needs are.”

“He was raised by a single mother, and I think everything in his presentation is going to show you how having a strong female role model in his life has taken him basically to where he is now,” said Shepherd.

Thomas said his mother, Tina Thomas, who was widowed when he was 3 years old, made his life what it is today.

“To see my mom go through all of that struggle, and still have a smile on her face, still raise her kids the right way, still fight and scrap for everything that she got, it kind of set my mindset to do the same,” said Thomas.

Thomas spoke to attendees about having a positive mindset, gratitude, finding purpose, and being bigger than the labels that society may place upon you.

Location varies for the luncheon, but it usually takes place either at the Farmington Gardens, 999 Farmington Ave., Farmington, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 42 Century Dr., Bristol, The North House, 1 Nod Rd., Avon, or the Atria Farmington, 111 Scott Swamp Rd., Farmington.

To learn more about Ladies Power Lunch, visit its Facebook page, Ladies Power Lunch,, or call Shepherd’s office at (860)589-1491.

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