Chamber bringing Gov. Lamont to event

Gov. Ned Lamont is coming to Bristol in Monday, May 13 for a chamber breakfast.



Governor Ned Lamont will be coming to Bristol on Monday, May 13, as part of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce’s Connecticut Outlook breakfast,

The breakfast, which starts at 8 a.m., will be at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 42 Century Dr., Bristol.

Chamber president Cindy Bombard said that this event will give the governor a “firsthand look of what is really happening in our area.”

“We’ve invited the governor to come to talk to all the members of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce to really give us his vision for the State of Connecticut,” said Paul Lavoie, general manager of Carey Manufacturing, and co-chair of the CCCC’s regional legislative action committee.

The legislative action committee, Lavoie explained, works closely “with our business leaders and our community leaders on making sure that we have good public policy that will promote job growth, promote economic development, and promote opportunities for people to continue to grow in this area.”

The committee is working to prepare questions for the Connecticut Outlook, with a special focus on items such as a possible $15 per hour minimum wage, a paid family leave act, the possible legalization of recreational marijuana, and tolls.

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Lavoie said the committee looks “at tolling from a business community” standpoint. On the one hand, tolls could help to improve the transportation infrastructure, which in turn would “get people to work,” and “get trucks to deliver products to our businesses in a much more cost effective manor.” But, in Lavoie’s opinion, “tolls are another expense that will be placed on the burden of mostly small businesses and people who work for small businesses as they try to get to work.”

“We want to have a conversation with the governor in those four areas,” said Lavoie. “We’ll also poll our members to see if there’s anything else that they’ll want us to talk about as well. We’re actually going to be doing a survey of our members to get their feelings on some of these positions.”

Bombard said that she was excited to have Lamont share his views for the future of Connecticut.

“He’s surrounding himself with very positive, business like-minded people,” said Bombard. “The chamber is apolitical, we do take a look at our businesses and how it’s going to affect them. Our job is to educate our membership, our region of what’s happening here, so, we’re really excited that he’s chosen Bristol to come to for our Connecticut Outlook.”

Tickets are available for the Monday, May 13 event at 8 a.m. They are $30 for members of the Chambers, and $35 for non-members.

For more information, or to register for the Connecticut Outlook breakfast, call (860) 584-4718, or email, or visit