Veterans Council to salute students entering armed services



The Bristol Veterans Council will host the 9th annual Salute Dinner on Saturday, June 1, at Nuchie’s, to show support for all area high school graduates who have enlisted in the United States military.

Art Ward, chair of the Bristol Veterans Council, and Tim Gamache, vice chair, explained that graduates from Bristol, Burlington, Harwinton, Plainville, Terryville, and Thomaston, will be honored for their decision to enter the armed forces.

“What the significance of this dinner is, part of it anyhow, is making those in attendance fully aware of the support that these graduates have in their choice of entering the service,” said Ward.

Gamache explained every enlistee will receive a plaque, a red, white, and blue tassel to wear for graduation, and a citation from the Connecticut General Assembly that has been signed by the president pro tempore, the secretary of state, and the speaker of the house.

Bristol graduates entering the United State Army are Cody R. Lozier, Hannah Duffany, Connor Feeny Wallace, Erik Flis,Jason Mills, and Chad Varkal.

Graduates entered the Connecticut National Guard are Hunter Holley, Devonte Elliott, and Owen Calverley.

Donovan Carey and Evan Day will both be entering into the United States Navy.

Aaron Goldberg, Cody Plourde, Nick LaChance, Xavier Yeakley, Tanner Lavoie, Joshua Perezochoa, Jared Greger, Benjamin Wadowski, Christopher Noheimer, Kevin Coleman, and Kenneth Richardson, have all chosen to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

Tickets are on sale now for $25 each, and all planning to attend must RSVP no later than Friday, May 17.

To do so, contact Donna Dognin, executive director of the Veteran Strong Community Center, (860)-584-6258, or,; Time Gamache, (860)-977-2152, or,; or Stanley Piotrowski, (860)-589-7942, or,

All checks should be made out to Bristol Veterans Council c/o/ Salute Dinner, PO Box 2634, Bristol, CT, 06011-2634.”