All that jazz at Delish

Delish Lounge
12 E Main St, Bristol, CT 06010
Phone: (860) 582-8002



Forestville saw a different kind of experience arrive when Delish Lounge opened in October 2018

The lounge at 12 East Main owned and operated by Janessa Woods and Franny Buzimkich.

Woods, a Bristol native, said that she often found herself traveling outside of the city in order to experience a different kind of bar. She was looking for a more relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere than what is typically found at the average sports bar.

“I was looking to bring a different type of energy and a different type of vibe to the Bristol area. There isn’t a venue in Bristol, currently, that plays jazz music on a regular basis or even acoustic music so much on a regular basis,” said Woods. “We were looking to bring that, along with what we offer here at Delish – a different type of experience, one that you can’t really get in this area.”

Woods said about 95 percent of the live music performed at Delish is jazz, such as GB Jazz Player, Sharp 5 Jazz, or the Osterling Quartet. But, they offer more than just jazz, such as a recent performance by The Beaudoin Brothers. So far, performances have included acoustic sets, acoustic rock, and country.

“Some worked better than others but I think just given our vision, we’re definitely leaning more towards the jazz and acoustic, and what’s going to draw attention and draw a crowd,” said Woods.

Buzimkich said that jazz is really working in this area, because it’s not offered on a regular basis at many area bars and restaurants. Buzimkich, who hails from Cheshire, said it’s not readily available in her town, either.

Music isn’t the only entertainment offered at Delish. Salsa dance lessons are offered three Wednesdays per month, and the remaining Wednesday offers a karaoke night. On Tuesday evenings, stop by and test your knowledge during a round of trivia. And, throughout the week, Delish offers a number of crafting projects, such as Sip and Paint nights, where patrons are able to decorate their own wine glass or beer mug.

For any band or musician looking to perform at Delish, contact the venue through Facebook page, by emailing, or by calling (860) 582-8002.

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