Officer claims discrimination: Sues city, city responds




A Bristol police officer is suing the city, claiming he was discriminated against because he is Hispanic.

The city, in a prepared statement, said discrimination had nothing to do with their interactions with Officer Adam Quinn. Quinn’s behavior as an officer were at the heart of the matter, reported the city after news of the suit had been made public.

Quinn filed suit May 28 in U.S. District Court in the District of Connecticut against the city and Police Chief Brian Gould.


In the complaint, Quinn, who is described in his suit as a Puerto Rican male, said he was subject to “discrimination, hostile work environment and retaliation.” Quinn also says in the suit he was subjected to violations to “his rights to equal protection and due process.”

The lawsuit says Quinn treated “differently from similarly situated employees not of,” his “race, color, ethnicity, or who had not complained about unlawful conduct.”

The city’s Corporation Counsel statement replies, “The City of Bristol does not practice, condone, engage in, or tolerate illegal discrimination against any of its employees. We vigorously will defend the City of Bristol against Officer Adam Quinn’s claims.”

Quinn’s suit cites several Internal Affairs investigations and “a written agreement subjecting him to close monitoring, all with the intention of terminating him from the overwhelmingly white Department, because [Quinn] is Hispanic.”

The city’s written statement says Quinn had been “disciplined for violations of workplace policy,” and in one instance, the city was “sued on account of allegations that [Quinn] intentionally used unnecessary and excessive force while making an arrest.”

“After a thorough Internal Affairs investigation the city paid to settle all claims against Officer Quinn and the city for his alleged use of unnecessary and excessive force,” the city’s statement says “Nonetheless, Officer Quinn has not been singled out to be disciplined and treated discriminatorily because he is Hispanic.”

Quinn’s complaint states he is one of two Hispanic police officers out of a force of 120. The suit states Quinn is one of four officers of who are not Caucasian.

In its statement, the city states Gould “has not one ounce of prejudice towards any minority group.”

Quinn’s suit says the officer is seeking compensatory damages; punitive damages; attorney fees and the costs associated with the suit.

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