Pair of officers promoted at BPD





Bristol police officers Lang Musseun and Dan Dwyer, were promoted and recognized in a ceremony held on Friday, Aug. 16.

Sergeant Musseun was promoted to the role of patrol lieutenant, and Patrolman Dwyer was promoted to the role of patrol sergeant.

Bristol Chief of Police, Brian Gould explained all BPD promotions are done internally, and that the process of promoting is a structured one that features an interview with the chief.

“I’m looking to make sure that they are in line with the values of our department, the philosophy, and our mission. I design questions specifically around that, and I want to hear that that is what they’re carrying out in their answers,” said Gould. “Both of them provided the answers that I needed to hear that showed me they are committed to the progress of this police department and community spirit, which is what we’re all about.”

Musseun was first hired by the Bristol Police Department in March 2003, and fulfilled many roles, including being a field training officer. Musseun served as a member of the BPD bicycle unit, was involved in programs such as the Youth Enrichment program, and served as union president.

In September 2014, Musseun was transferred to the traffic division. In June 2016, he was promoted to the role of patrol Sergeant — the position he held until his recent promotion to lieutenant.

Musseun said his uncle, who was also a police officer, inspired his desire to join the force.

“It’s a great way to give back, I mean, that kind of sounds like a cliched line but it’s very true. We have the opportunity every day to positively affect somebody’s life, and it’s a very unique situation — it’s a great job,” said Musseun.

And as his uncle inspired him, Musseun hopes to inspire his three sons.“I put a lot of hard work into this job, and the promotion end of it, studying, everything else that goes into it, it basically shows my sons that if you work hard and persevere that good things can happen, it’s really that simple,” said Musseun.

Gould explained that the lieutenant reports directly to the captain, and oversees a specific division within BPD. Additionally, said Gould, the Lieutenant “takes on the role of an administrator, where you learn the art of managing things while leading your people.”

Sgt. Dwyer was hired by BPD in September 2008, after serving in the U.S. Army for 24 years, in roles such army ranger and master sergeant. He said the transition from the military to the police force was a natural one, due in part because of his childhood dream of becoming a police officer.

During his time with BPD, Dwyer has served as a field training officer and aided in training new officers. Dwyer received many awards including the Trooper First Class Tarkowski Award for Excellence, the Bristol Police Department’s Silver Star, two Lifesaving Awards, and is a four-time recipient of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Award.

The role of sergeant is “the person who the rank and file will look to for direction and guidance,” according to Gould, which is one aspect that Dwyer is most looking forward to in his new role.

“I think as a leader, one of the best things is role modeling for the younger guys,” said Dwyer. “As a leader, I always look forward to that — I spent time as a drill sergeant when I was in the Army, and to take the 18-year-old kids when they first join the Army and to transition them from civilian to soldier, it was a great job as a trainer.”

Musseun will be taking over as the second shift swing lieutenant. Dwyer will be taking over a third shift group as their patrol sergeant.

The Bristol Police Department is currently seeking applications from individuals interested in joining the ranks. For information, visit

After sending in an application, Gould said all potential recruits will need to take a physical agility test, a written exam, an oral exam, and come into the department for a background check.

Sgt. Dan Dwyer, left, and Lt. Lang Musseun at a ceremony for their promotions within the Bristol Police Department. (TAYLOR MURCHISON-GALLAGHER photo)