City installs water bottle refilling stations

The City of Bristol began an initiative to reduce plastic water bottle waste in municipal facilities. Water fountains inside city hall have been replaced with water bottle refilling stations and each municipal employee who works in the building was provided a refillable water bottle. The new stations and water bottles were donated to the city by the Bristol Water Department.

“Each year, millions of plastic water bottles end up in landfills with only a small percentage being recycled,” stated Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu in a press release. “The city is always working to reduce our carbon footprint and today our employees are taking another major step in reducing the City’s impact on the environment.”

The stations provide chilled tap water and electronic monitors on them that keep track of every bottle refilled. The new stations are located in the hallways of City Hall and are accessible to visitors of the building in addition to employees.

“We are always pleased to see our customers choose tap water over bottled water,” said Water Superintendent Robert Longo in the press release. “Now city employees have the resources to make that choice at work.”

Additional stations will be installed in the coming weeks in other municipal buildings, including the Senior Center, Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works, and at the Sewer and Water Department.