BDA releases results of community survey

The Town of Bristol



The Bristol Development Authority in February took a community survey through the month of February and the results have been published through the city website.

Dawn Nielsen, marketing and public relations specialist for the City of Bristol, One of the goals of the survey was to learn what things the city currently doing well, and where there is room for improvement. One such area is creating a centralized place for people to find information.

“My hope is to help elevate some very important information,” said Nielsen. “It’s all there it’s just buried, it takes many clicks to get to what you want.”


This work will include working with the already utilized city website (31 percent of respondents had visited in a month’s span) and the Bristol All Heart website (4 percent), and making a seamless transition between the two, so that information is passed back and forth.

The majority of respondents were over the age of 65 (37 percent), with respondents in all age groups. Nielsen said she thinks this is due in part to how the survey was distributed – in a solely paper format.

“The other demographics that I want to capture will do it through social media and online, we need to go where they are,” said Nielsen.

The survey summary page explains that a total of 1,234 surveys were distributed through the Bristol Public Library, the City Hall Clerk’s office, the Bristol Home Show, and through an email blast from the Chamber of Commerce to local businesses.

A total of 135 surveys were returned to the BDA.

Where does Bristol get its news? The chart above shows the number of media outlets available to Bristol residents. For more charts and info, check out the full survey results at

Social media pages such as the Mayor’s Facebook page, various iterations of Bristol Talks (also on Facebook), and the Bristol All Heart Facebook page made up 10 percent of the “social media pages” category when asked which informational outlets residents rely on to receive news. Other notable outlets include local radio (10 percent), local cable and television stations (14 percent), The Bristol Press (22 percent), and The Bristol Observer (25 percent).

Nielsen explained that 53 percent of respondents lived in the city due to their families (29 percent) and their history in town, with 14 percent saying that they had always lived here.

Ten percent of respondents said they lived in Bristol because it’s family friendly; 11 percent said they lived here for employment reasons; 8 percent said it was due to safety and security; and 7 percent cited the cost of living.

Those surveyed said some of strengths for the city, were the park system (19 percent); 11 percent of respondents felt that the volunteer organizations were a strength; and recreational activities, the education system, and city services all garnered an equal 10 percent of responses.

The full survey results can be found at

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