2019 Bristol election results


The Bristol registrars of voters reported the results of the Nov. 5 municipal election, but the results are still unofficial.

Ellen Zoppo-Sassu will remain Bristol’s mayor for another term, and Democrats swept the town council. The Republican party took control over the board of education, and the board of assessment appeals.

A recount is currently underway for the final town council spot in district 3 and the final seat on the board of education.



There were eight charter revision questions up for vote. Four passed, and four failed.

The first question PASSED — “Shall technical amendments to Sections 2, 12A, 16, 19(a), 38, 39A, and 42 be approved”?

The second question FAILED — “Shall the building official duties as the clerk of the zoning commission and zoning board of appeals, and zoning enforcement officer be removed?”

The third question FAILED — “Shall the treasurer be changed from an elected to an appointed officer, and technical revision and removal of a gender reference be approved?”

The fourth question PASSED — “Shall the role of the board of police commissioners be clarified as an advisory and policy board to the police department?”

The fifth question PASSED —“Shall the role of the board of police commissioners be revised and the factors and weights removed from the promotional process in the police department?”

The sixth question FAILED —”Shall the role of the board of police commissioners be revised and certain requirements removed in hiring the chief of police?”

The seventh question PASSED —”Shall the operational responsibility and fiscal oversight of the sewer department be clarified?”

The eighth question PASSED —”Shall the City of Bristol approve the City Council Resolution dated August 13, 2019 that adopts the Connecticut City and Town Development Act, which grants additional authority to aid and promote industrial and other forms of economic development?”



Ellen Zoppo-Sassu (D) won the mayoral race.



Thomas O. Barnes Jr. won re-election as Bristol Treasurer. He was endorsed by both parties, and he received the most votes from the Democratic Party.


Town Council

The Democrats earned the majority on the town council by a 6-0 margin. The board consists of six members, consisting of two councilors in each of the city’s three districts.

District 1— Greg Hahn, and Scott W. Rosado won for the Democratic Party.

District 2— Peter B. Kelley, and David Preleski won for the Democratic Party.

District 3— Mary Fortier, and Brittany Barney won for the Democratic Party. A recount is underway between Barney and  Cheryl Thibeault (R).


Board of Education

The Republicans earned a 5-4 majority on the board of education. The board consists of nine members, five will hold four-year terms and four will hold two-year terms.

For the Republicans, John W. Sklenka, Kristen Giantonio, and Jen Dube won four-year terms, while Eric Carlson and Allison C. Wadowski won two-year terms.

For the Democrats, Karen Vibert and Shelby Rafaniello Pons won four-year terms, while Chris Wilson and Thomas O’Brien won two-year terms.

A recount is underway between Karen Hintz (D) and Wadowski. Hintz wins the recount, Democrats would take a 5-4 majority.


Board of Assessment Appeals

The board of assessment appeals is split, 2-2. The board consists of four members.

Mary Alford and Erick Rosengren won for the Republicans.

Thomas J. Ragaini and Shirley Salvatore won for the Democrats.

Town of Bristol

2019 Official Election Results

Mayor (1)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Ellen Zoppo-Sassu D 6,877
L Dante Tagariello R 5,032

Treasurer (1)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Thomas O. Barnes Jr. D/R 11,169

Town Council

District 1 (2)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Scott W. Rosado D 2,304
W Greg Hahn D 2,284
L Jeffrey Caggiano R 2,123
L Kathy Faber R 2,041

District 2 (2)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W David Preleski D 2,036
W Peter B. Kelley D 1,972
L Hannah Lemek R 1,927
L Gary Lukasiewicz R 1,809

District 3 (2)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Mary B Fortier D 1,874
W* Brittany Barney D 1,613
L* Cheryl Thibeault R 1,612
L Camerin Crowal R 1,391

Board of Education

Four year term (5)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Jen Dube R 5,768
W Kristen Giantonio R 5,594
W Karen Vibert D 5,582
W John W. Sklenka R 5,567
W Shelby Rafaniello Pons D 5,490
L Morris Rippy Patton D 5,354
Two year term (4)
W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Eric Carlson R 5,719
W Chris Wilson D 5,685
W Thomas O’Brien D 5,637
W* Allison C. Wadowski R 5,504
L* Karen Hintz D 5,474
L Michael LaFleur R 5,233

Board of Assessment Appeals (4)

W/L Candidate Party Totals
W Mary Alford R 6,004
W Thomas J. Ragaini D 5,667
W Shirley Salvatore D 5,387
W Erick Rosengren R 5,129