Bristol City Hall worker tests positive for COVID-19


Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu announced that the City of Bristol received notice this afternoon that we have the first Bristol resident diagnosed with a positive Coronavirus test result. This resident is also an employee at city hall.

The remaining colleagues within that specific office will self-quarantine through Tuesday, March 31.

“None of those colleagues have presented with symptoms of the virus to date over the last week, when the affected employee was last in the building,” the mayor said in a press release. “This means that no one who has been in contact with that office and its employees since that time will need to self-quarantine, per the health guidelines and directives.”

As of Sunday, March 22, a total of 327 people in Connecticut have tested positive for the virus, including 104 new cases announced on Sunday and more on Monday.

“I cannot stress enough that it is critical to everyone here to take this Pandemic seriously, to take social distancing seriously, and stay home if possible,” said Zoppo-Sassu. “This means in parks, at grocery stores, in pharmacies, at house parties and anywhere else. Please consider this a team effort to ‘flatten the curve.” so that we will not still be practicing these strategies weeks from now. If we all work together, this can end sooner rather than later.”

Although City Hall is closed to visitors, the city continues to function with essential workers, not only police, fire, and EMS first responders, but health professionals, the team at the Bristol-Burliington health district, the leadership team at the board of education implementing distance learning, and water,, sewer and public works crews. The mayor said that many department heads have been working seven days a week to prepare the city’s response to the outbreak.

“I want to take a moment to thank the City Hall employees who come to work every day, ready to do the public’s work,” she said in a release. “It is not an easy job, and today, it just got harder.”

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