Bristol tackling stray shopping carts


The City of Bristol is continuing its efforts to reduce blight and litter, including abandoned shopping carts.

To support that effort, a press release explained, the City of Bristol has revised the Code of Ordinances Section 21-21.10 Shopping Carts. The revised ordinance went into effect in March, 2015.

This ordinance makes the removal of shopping carts from a business premises subject to an infraction issued by the Bristol Police Department, said the news release from the city. In addition, the release said, when shopping carts are found off the business premises, they must be retrieved by the business owners within 24 hours of notice from the City.

The city announced in the press release that a new on-line form has been added to its website to allow for reporting of abandoned carts. The form can be found on the website at

The full ordinance can be viewed on-line at the city’s web site by selecting City Ordinances, under the “Your Government” heading on the home page.

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