Dems, GOP make their slates official




Bristol’s Democratic and Republican town committees announced their slates for city council and mayor at their July 22 caucuses.

Mayoral incumbent Ellen Zoppo-Sassu will face off against Republican Dante Tagariello.

Tagariello, a corporate tax accountant with degrees in accounting and liberal studies with a concentration in international politics.

“This cycle has been so exciting for a variety of reasons – not only do we have a number of people under 30 looking to serve, we have a diverse skill set that is really going to help transform our city,” said Tagariello. “For our team, it’s not about scoring this deal or that deal, it’s not about political posturing, and it’s not about claiming you’ve created efficiencies – it’s about Bristol residents. Our theme is quite simple – we hold city leaders accountable to the things they promise and do. Our goal is to grow our local economy, and stop asking taxpayers for more”

Since taking office in Nov. 2017, Zoppo-Sassu and her administration have started and continued working on many initiatives and projects including the ongoing development of Centre Square, the Memorial Boulevard Intradistrict Arts Magnet School, bringing in the Amazon fulfillment center and high-tech manufacturing firms into both industrial parks, and establishing workforce development partnerships between educators and local service providers like the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce and the American Job Center.”

Joining Zoppo-Sassu on the Democratic ticket are incumbent councilors Greg Hahn, Dave Preleski, Peter Kelley, Mary Fortier, as well as councilor Scott Rosado, and Brittany Barney, who is making her second run at the council.

Hahn and Rosado are running to represent the first council district; Preleski and Kelley are running to represent the second district; and Fortier and Barney are running to represent the third council district.

Rosado was appointed in February to finish the term of Joshua Medeiros, who was hired as the superintendent of the Bristol Parks Department.

Closing out the Republican’s “new generation of accountability” are Jeffrey Caggiano and Kathy Fabre in the first council district, Gary Lukasiewicz and Hannah Lemek in the second council district, and Camerin Crowall and Cheryl Thibeault in the third council district.

“We have a lot of different things that we have brought to the table – we have three candidates who are under the age of 30 years old, we have as many female candidates as we have male candidates, we have business owners, business men, we have entrepreneurs, we have all kinds of different people that represent this community,” said Caggiano. “We have, alone, the most diverse slate of candidates that I think you’ll see in the City of Bristol, so I’m very proud of that.”

The positions of mayor and city councilor are two year terms, and by the City of Bristol Charter, no candidate may serve for more than four successive terms until at least one term has elapsed.

Any individual that was not endorsed by a party and still wishes to run for office may petition for a primary. All petitions must be turned into the Secretary of State’s office by Wednesday, Aug. 7.

The November slate of candidates for the Democrats. Marcus ‘Rippy’ Patton (Board of Education candidate), Scott Rosado (council candidate), Shelby Rafaniello Pons (BOE), Peter Kelley (council), Karen Vibert (BOE), Brittany Barney (council), Ellen Zoppo-Sassu (mayor), Mary Fortier (council), David Preleski (council), Tom Ragaini (Board of Assessment Appeals, Greg Hahn (council), Karen Hintz (BOE), Tom O’Brien (BOE), Shirley Salvatore (assessment appeals. (JANELLE MORELLI)
The Bristol Republican slate for November. From the left, Hannah Lemek (council), Gary Lukasiewicz (council), Kathy Faber (council), Dante Tagariello (mayor), Thomas Barnes Jr. (treasurer), Cheryl Thibeault (council), Jeffrey Caggiano (council), and Camerin Crowall (council). (TAYLOR MURCHISON-GALLAGHER