Mum fest officials ask Mother Nature to be kind to event: Opening day Thursday




At the annual Mum Festival two years ago, as its marketing chair Mickey Goldwasser explains it, the weather was a scorcher.

Keeping hydrated, said Goldwasser, for volunteers and festivalgoers was key. The shade became everybody’s friend.

Last year, however, Goldwasser said the weather was perfect for a fall festival.


So when the festival has its soft opening on Thursday, Sept 19 on through Sept. 22, Goldwasser said he would ask the weather that they provide something like last year.

Andrea Adams, the festival’s vendor chairperson, was in agreement with her fellow committee member. “Hopefully Mother Nature cooperates with great festival weather.”

Goldwasser said he considers the perfect weather to be a day when you start the day in short sleeves and end the day in a sweatshirt.

“It’s not too hot and not to cold,” said Goldwasser.

Those kinds of days, said Goldwasser, as “chamber of commerce weather.” That’s when you want to bring a business through your community trying to convince them that it’s a perfect new location.

With luck, he said, the weather gods will bless the festival with that kind of day throughout the length of the festival.

The Bristol Mum Festival runs from Sept. 19 to 22. The festival begins Thursday, Sept. 19 at 5 p.m. at the Memorial Boulevard School field.