Chanukah celebrated by Gishrei Shalom with gathering Dec. 13


On Sunday, Dec. 13, the greater Bristol Jewish community is invited to celebrate the festival of Chanukah with music, food and candle lighting.

Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation will host the event at the home of Dr. Amy Breakstone and Dr. David Reisner in Bristol beginning at 5 p.m.

The congregation’s rabbi, Shelley Kovar Becker, a press release from the congregation reported,  “reminds us that Chanukah is a minor Jewish holiday which commemorates the victory of a small band of Jewish soldiers against the Syrian army many years ago. When the victorious Jews attempted to light the eternal lamp, only a one day’s supply of oil was found. The story told in every Jewish house around the world is that the oil burned for eight days, enough time to find more oil to keep the lamp lit. This was the miracle of Chanukah.”

“The miracle of the oil has let to the tradition of serving foods including potato pancakes (latkes) and doughnuts. Each night an additional candle is lit on a special nine arm candle holder, known as a menorah or hanukkiah. One candle is used to light the other eight. On the eighth night of Chanukah, all the candles are burning,” explained the congregation’s press release.

Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation’s community candle lighting has become a tradition at the Breakstone-Reisner’s house. Their dining room mirrors reflect the lights of dozens of candles as families come together as a community and each lights their own menorah, said the release.


During the celebration, families play with a four-sided top known as a dreidel. Each side is decorated with a Hebrew letter standing for “A Great Miracle Happened There.” The holiday is celebrated in homes, not in the temple and includes lots of music and gaiety. Family celebrations usually include the exchanging of gifts.

Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation is part of the Reform movement. Services are held in the chapel at the First Congregational Church of Southington.

More information about religious services and community activities can be found at or on their Facebook page, search for Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Dr. Amy Breakstone at (860) 585-1818.