City offering webpage for manufacturing job openings in Bristol


The Mayor’s Office announced in a press release the addition of a webpage for manufacturing job openings in the City of Bristol. Bristol-based manufacturers and distributors can now send their opportunities to the Bristol Development Authority, which will advertise the openings on its website at At the same time, local residents interested in finding work in the field of manufacturing can log on to find exciting job opportunities often with growth potential.

This opportunity is available to all manufacturers/distributors in Bristol, explained the press release. In addition, certain manufacturing vendors are also encouraged to take part. This can include metal finishing shops and more. Companies interested in posting their job openings on the City’s website should contact the BDA at (860) 584-6185 or email opportunities to Please include position, company name, job description, and company contact information.

“With the creation of the BDA’s new manufacturing job openings webpage, our hope is to reach a larger audience and to help local manufacturers fill their positions not only quickly, but with local, motivated, highly-skilled candidates,” said Mayor Ken Cockayne in the press release from his office. “In addition to aiding businesses, this initiative also provides a resource for residents seeking careers in manufacturing.”

The BDA plans to work closely with Bristol Adult Education and Bristol Technical Education Center as part of this initiative to help recent graduates launch long, profitable careers in manufacturing.bristol city seal