Comic books and metallic sounds collide with September Mourning




Art forms meld together and become one under the guidance of singer Emily Lazar, the creative force behind the band, September Mourning.

The group mixes a graphic novel worthy story with metallic music. Through the music crafted by Lazar and company and its stage performance, September Mourning recounts the story of September, a Reaper/ human hybrid. On stage, Lazar dons the costume and persona of September on stage, while band members dress as Reapers.

Calling from Ohio, where the band was rehearsing for its upcoming tour that pulls into Connecticut on March 9, Lazar spoke about how September Mourning scratches all of her creative itches.

Lazar started off her creative endeavors as a ballerina at age 4. Lazar explained she continued that creative arc until she was 19.

But then she was in a horrible accident. And the injuries put her dancing career to an end.

No longer able to be a ballerina, Lazar said she set forth to pursue another love. Music. Initially, she started performing pop music.

However, there was still yet another facet for creativity lurking in the background for Lazar. Comic books.

Comic books, like dance, were introduced to Lazar at a young age, she said.

Lazar explained that growing up, she lived with her grandparents. At their house, in the basement, she found a stash of her dad’s old comic books. Being a bit of a goth kid, she would spend her time in that basement, poring over those comics.

“I loved stories,” said Lazar. “That’s very prevalent in all the stuff I do.”

September Mourning started as a concept as a way to tap into all of Lazar’s creativity.

The “transmedia production” was created by Lazar and comic book artist Marc Silvestri and began with the publication of two comic books, “A Murder of Reapers” and “The Hand of Fate.”

The character September is “searching for herself,” said Lazar, explaining why she found the character appealing.

“It’s almost a coming of age story,” said Emily. “She doesn’t knows who she was before she became this creature.  She’s searching for who she was and what she’s going to become.”

“That’s a big plot point in the story line,” said Emily

Although the music of September Mourning, which lies on the more melodic side of metal, conveys the story of the heroine, Lazar said the songs stand on their own, with or without the storyline.

You can get “involved in our world,” said Lazar, or you can just listen to the music.

The band’s last full length release was 2016’s “Volume II.” But Lazar said there is new music available and more to come.

September Mourning has released two new singles, “Empire” and “Glass Animals,” which are available on the band’s website (, said Lazar. “The [new] album will drop later in the year”

For that album, Lazar said September Mourning is building upon its melodic metal base. They are including some hip-hop and pop flavors to create a “weird hard rock mix.”

And to address its comic book dimensions, Lazar said, September Mourning will release “The Complete Collection,” a full graphic novel containing all four chapters of September’s story, which will be available in April at Target, Barnes and Noble, and comic book stores.

September Mourning opens for Smile Empty Soul at the Webster Underground, 1 Webster Square, Hartford on Saturday, March 9. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

September Mourning performs March 9 in Hartford.