Jim Breuer’s fan boy lives on as he rocks on




Comedian Jim Breuer is living the ultimate metal fan experience.

He’s touring with Metallica, providing a laugh-filled warm-up for the legendary heavy metal band.

Breuer comes to Foxwoods Resort Casino on Saturday, Sept. 22.


Breuer, who previously taken a detour into performing his own (serious) rock music, already knew Metallica’s James Hetfield and the singer’s family. And he had performed some comedy bits on Metallica’s pervious tours.

So, prior to the tour, Breuer said the band reached out to him for some help.

Breuer, who was calling from Metallica’s stop in Winnipeg, Canada, said the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich told him how they needed some kind of warm up for the shows. No one would go see the opening bands. A DJ set failed. So, the band asked him to craft some sort of fan experience to get the audience stoked before Metallica took the stage.

“We trust you to figure something out,” the band told Breuer he said.

After getting his sea legs for the first show, Breuer said, “I’m pretty confident in what we’re pulling off.”

As the warm-up, Breuer said he takes on the role of emcee— providing about 20 minutes of standup as the crowds file in for Metallica’s show. Then Breuer goes live on video, heading back to where the band is waiting and interacts with them to the fans’ delight.

And then, the band takes the stage.

For Breuer, to tour with an iconic band like Metallica, is a dream come true.

“I feel like I’m 15 years old in my family’s basement, jamming air guitar to every metal band,” said Breuer.

Breuer said he can’t believe his good fortune in getting a chance to tour with Metallica.

Although, Breuer has done television and movies, and technically could be called a celebrity, he said, “I never give up the fan boy.”

Breuer said he is such a big fan of Metallica that after he does his bit, he slips on his hoodie and watches the band with the crowd… with no one the wiser that he slipped into their domain.

Asked what the guys of Metallica are like off-stage, Breuer said that his and Hetfield’s family have long been friends. So, he is used to seeing Hetfield as a family guy. He said he sometimes forgets Hetfield is a rock star.

As for the drummer, “Lars is the most giving self-aware and smart guy,” said Breuer. “He’s passionate about how people feel.”

Most people discovered Breuer through his edgier work on “Saturday Night Live” (remember Goat Boy) and as a stoner in “Half-Baked.”

From 1989-99, Breuer said he focused on building his television and movie career.

But when he started a family, Breuer said his priorities changed. “I wanted to be home with my family.”

“I took time off,” said Breuer, doing things like hosting his own radio show.

In 2008, however, he said he got the itch to do stand-up again. This time around, he said, “I want to control what people think of me… who the real me is.” And, who is the real Jim Breuer, “I’m a family guy with deep morals and a lot to talk about.”

“Everything I do now is about passion,” said Breuer of his comedy. For Breuer, besides getting a laugh, the most important thing in the world is for a fan to come up to him and tell him how much his humor got them through a rough patch.

One of the aspects of his current career that stokes Breuer’s passions is his subscription-based Patreon page. One-hundred percent of his effort is put toward creating content for the page, which includes his own television series, said Breuer. For instance, he said fans can find “Friday Night Funnies,” which focuses on videos he makes each night during his stand-up gigs. Tuesday he hosts “Life on the Road,” which is where many fans can find his hijinx with Metallica and, well… life on the road. Breuer said he is also brainstorming for a new sitcom on his Patreon page.

“I’m so excited about it,” said Breuer.

When fans come to Foxwoods to see Breuer, he said they can expect a multi-generational relatable show.

If you think you know who Jim Breuer is as a standup, he said, “I’m going to change your vision. I’m going to crush it.”

Jim Breuer comes to the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $33.50 to $63.50.

For more information, go to www.Foxwoods.com or officialjimbreuer.com/

Jim Breuer brings his stand-up act to the Fox Theater this weekend.