Getting fit and trim: Miss Bristol works out


The newest Miss Connecticut will be crowned on Saturday. And Miss Bristol Gina Salvatore is one of 13 young women who are hoping to win the title and head off to Miss America in Atlantic City later this year.
A portion of the title is decided by the health and fitness of the contestants. To that end, Gina turned to her sponsor MF Training on Main Street to help her get as fit as she could so she can stand onstage in a swimsuit with confidence.
Gina has been working with Justin Michaels weekly to get read.
“When I was crowned Miss Bristol I decided that I wanted to make fitness a big part of my journey to Miss Connecticut,” Gina explained. “I wanted to work on toning my legs and arms and working towards a stronger core. I wanted to gain a better sense of self confidence about my body and become more comfortable in my own skin.”
Gina is no stranger to getting in shape. “While I was in college, I worked in the carpentry shop which required a lot of heavy lifting. All of the arm exercises that I’ve learned like arm curls, shoulder press, and the ‘skull crusher,’ as Justin calls it, have helped me tone and gain muscle in my arms.
Gina also said as she prepared for the pageant, “Exercises like squats and lunges have helped tone my legs and calves. I dread when any fitness instructor says the word ‘Burpee’ but they are a great exercise. Burpees are a combination of a squat, plank, and pushup and they have had a hand in toning my arms and legs as well as keeping my heart rate up.”
The work with MF Training has paid off, said Gina. “I feel confident heading into Miss Connecticut this year.”
She added, “I am not nearly as close to the end of my fitness goals as I would like but I have come a long way since winning my local title.”
When the pageant is over this weekend, Gina said she is not done with her fitness. If she wins, of course, she will have to prepare for the national title. But beyond that, Gina said, “Working with Justin in preparation for Miss Connecticut makes me want to work even harder post-pageant.. I’ll be working towards becoming the best I can be physically. I have worked so hard these past few months and I don’t want to give up on my dreams quite yet.”
“Justin can do arm curls with 75 pound dumbbells in each hand,” said Gina. “I can’t wait for the day that I can 20 pounds.
“My fitness journey to Miss Connecticut makes me excited for the future,” said Gina, who is continuing to challenger herself by teaming up with the Fisher House Organization and running in August her first half marathon.”
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