Lions Club reviews year of service



The Bristol Lions Club submitted the following review of its past year’s worth of activities.

“Lions members look to better their community by volunteering to ring the bell for the Salvation Army, and contributing meals in support of local food pantries and soup kitchens to help local families,” said the club

“In addition, Lions volunteer to conduct a very successful national eye screening program called KIDSIGHT USA in our local schools with the hope of detecting potential eye issues while they are still treatable in young children,” said the club. “This non-evasive screening test is offered in conjunction with the local school system at no cost to families.  If a problem is identified, each local club is willing to pay for the follow-up exam with an eye doctor and a pair of glasses for the child if the family is unable to cover the cost. We also provide at no cost, with a referral from a doctor, assistive devices to patients who are visually impaired or legally blind that help to enhance the quality of their life through the Lions Low Vision Centers located in Bristol, New Britain, Bloomfield and Torrington.”

“This year,” the club’s release said, “Our Lions clubs have been honored to support a local veteran who was blinded in an accident shortly after his discharge from the military pursue his dream of participating on the U.S. Para-Olympic Air Rifle Team. This remarkable young man recently received a bronze medal in a world competition: the first time an American medaled in the sport. Local clubs donated funds towards the purchase of custom-made equipment that he needs for this level of competition.”


The release said, “Local Lions Clubs and our statewide district support initiatives related to childhood diabetes and cancer. In addition to educational programs and medical research, Lions raise funds specifically to support children with diabetes and childhood cancer as well as their families. Our support includes a one week summer camp in Northwest Connecticut for cancer patients and a separate camp for their siblings. This year, the district added a new camp in the Central Connecticut area for children with diabetes.”

“Locally,” the news release said, “our clubs also provide college scholarships for local high school graduates who have demonstrated a commitment to service and who will, hopefully, return to the community to make their own positive contribution.”

“All funds raised from the public contributions, or obtained through grants are returned by Lions to the communities they serve-100% of your donated support,” said the release.

“Lions Clubs International is the largest service organization in the world. Local clubs are always looking for new members, new energy, and new ideas on serving our communities. If you want to make a difference in your community, contact your local Lion’s club,” said release.