Mayor declares state of emergency in city; shelters open


This just in from the city of Bristol.

A Declaration of Emergency will be issued by the Mayor for all non-essential vehicles to stay off the roads, starting at 6 p.m. this evening until further notice. This is in conjuntion with Governor Malloy’s Declaration of Emergency for the State of Connecticut. A Parking Ban is in effect from 12 Noon today until further notice.

The Emergency Shelter at Chippens Hill Middle School will open today at 12 Noon. If you have need of the Shelter, please bring warm clothing, snacks and necessary medications. Pets are allowed, please provide food for your pet. The first meal served will be breakfast, tomorrow morning.

Cell phones and laptops can be charged.

The Public Works Transfer station will not be opened tomorrow, February 9th. The Bristol Public Libraries will not be open on Saturday, as well.