Mayor issues warning about impending storm: update



Bristol, CT, October 25, 2012- The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is forecasting that Storm Sandy will continue in a Northward direction for the next 36 hours as the storm moves through the Eastern Bahamas. Sandy is then forecast to turn to the North Northeast, pick up some speed and move to a position approximately 200 Miles East of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina by 8:00 AM Monday Morning. Sandy is then forecast to turn North and then move Northwest to a position approximately 100 Miles South Southwest of Connecticut by 8:00 AM Tuesday morning.

Longer range forecasts are now indicating that Sandy will very likely impact New England on Tuesday. Mayor Ward has convened the City Emergency Management Team for an 11:00 a.m. meeting on Friday, October 26th to discuss preparations, some of which are already in place, for when the storm arrives.

Sand bags are available at two of the Fire Houses in Bristol. They are Engine 5 which is located on Mix Street and Engine 4 which is located on Vincent P. Kelly Road. Sand is only available at Vincent P. Kelly Road and can be picked up at any time.

Preparations are being made to open a shelter at Chippens Hill Middle School, if the need arises. You can call the Mayor’s Office at 860-584-6250 to find out if it is open.


Mayor Ward asks all residents to be alert and attentive to their surroundings when the weather hits. Be aware that flooding and rushing water are very dangerous and not to be taken lightly.