Mayor joins fight for Bristol Hospital


The mayor, who is running for reelection in November, has joined the chorus of elected officials arguing for the restoration of $5 million plus in state funds for Bristol Hospital.

In a letter to Brendan Sharkey, the Speaker of the House, Republican Ken Cockayne requested a reconsideration of funds for the hospital.

The city’s state delegation—state Senator Henri Martin, and state representatives Frank Nicastro, Cara Pavalock, and Whit Betts—also have joined the fight for Bristol Hospital. Cockayne’s opponent for mayor, Democrat Ellen Zoppo, issued a statement as well.

“These cuts announced by the governor will have a crippling effect on the services provided by our only community hospital,” Cockayne wrote to Sharkey. “Bristol Hospital is not only the hospital of choice for many Bristol residents, it also serves as one of our largest employers. My fear along with the fear of many of the hospital employees is that these cuts will result in immediate layoffs thus negatively impacting our local economy.  In addition, many Bristol residents are worried that these cuts will also result in a reduction of services offered by the hospital.”

Cockayne added, “While it is apparent that Governor Malloy has a total disdain for our community hospitals, I believe that the General Assembly wanted to follow a different path than the Governor has put forth.  Mr. Speaker, as one of its leaders I urge you to roll up your sleeves and work with all parties to obtain a resolution to this crisis.”

bristol city seal