Mayor seeks volunteers to help with fall clean up


Mayor Ken Cockayne (R-Bristol) in a press release this week called on the community to help in a fall clean up before the winter months arrive.

In a press release, Cockayne asked if any local civic organization such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts to can help participate in cleaning up their community.

“The Forestville Village Association as well as the West End Association does a very good job of cleaning up their respective areas,” Cockayne said in the release. “However, there are several other areas of Bristol that could use some help and I am asking residents who would like to help spearhead such an effort to come forward.”

The mayor is asking any interested individual or organization to contact his office at (860)584-6250 to coordinate the clean-up program.

“Bristol is a made up of a great group of volunteers who are community minded,” the mayor said in the press release. “It is my hope that we will have some participation to help make Bristol shine.”

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