Mum Parade marshal, emcees, announced


The 2015 Mum Parade has selected this year’s Parade Marshal: Rick Muntean, general manager of the Bristol Blues.

Muntean received his degree in radio and television in 1981 from Ohio University in Athens and wanted to be a play-by-play broadcaster. He also pitched in college.

He will be accompanied by the new mascot for the Bristol Blues baseball team, BB, the

saxophone-playing wolf in the blue suit.

The Parade Master of Ceremonies for this year will be Tim Maynard and Maria Salice.

Maynard was a resident of Bristol for 51 yrs before moving to Cape Cod. He moved for work in 2011 to Cape Cod MA, and continues to live and work in the Brewster area. He was the owner of California sound DJ during his Bristol days for 30-plus years. His first connection with the Mum Festival came in the late 1970s when he volunteered to be one of several residents to take photographs of festival events. The following year, Tim took over the job of Mum Photographer and for several years produced the Mum Slide Show.

Maria Salice is a lifelong Bristol resident. Her first solo performances were on the stage of the Memorial Boulevard School theater as a young child in the annual productions of “Melody Time”. She has served as musical director of the Holiday Showcase of Stars for the past 11 years. She also was a regular soloist in the annual OM show for the past 30 years and this past year served as its director.