Past, future figure in grads’ thoughts


It was a night of saying farewell to the past and a night of peering into what the future holds as Bristol Central High School’s class of 2015 became the latest group of graduates from the city school on Wolcott Street.
Prior to the commencement exercises, many of the seniors milled about in the music rooms of the school, waiting.
Jaime Bochenek was one of those graduates-to-be. “I’m really going to miss all the friends I made who are going far away to college,” she said when asked what was going through her mind, “But,” she added, “I know I’ll see them when they get home.”
Bochenek, herself, is headed off to the Southern Connecticut State University, anticipating a future, where she will “be successful in life. I want to have a good career, get married, and have a wonderful family.”
As he waited, Leslie Johnson said, “I’m kind of nervous but I’m ready for a better life and college.” For Johnson, who will first spend a year at a prep school in Seattle, said he is looking to majoring in accounting and having a business of his own.
“I’m excited to get out and live in the real world,” said Daniella Dutkiewicz, “but I’m kind of nervous I guess as to what’s ahead of me and what’s going to actually happen.” Dutkiewicz has her eye on becoming a municipal police officer, so she will be studying criminal justice for four years and then plans to apply for entry in the police academy.
Nicky Dube said, “I’m really excited to graduate but I’m also a bit nervous because I have no idea where I’m going in September.” She does have her eye on the Job Corps, where she hopes to study business technology so she can open a business designing things such as phones, Mp3 players, e-readers, and robots.”All that stuff to make your life easier.”
Emily Eckstrom said she was “excited, nervous, and also I’m going to miss my friends.” For Eckstrom, the future means going to college for communications to secure a job in marketing or media. “And then traveling.”
During commencement exercise, Bristol Central’s valedictorian Andrew Damon-Smith about the aphorism “Curiosity killed the cat,” noting few people take note of the second half of the phrase “and satisfaction brought it back.” To his fellow graduates, Damon-Smith said they’re heading into a life of uncertainty. “Recognize the fear and accept it. To be paralyzed by fear is to stunt growth…become a cat, pursue your curiosity and thrive.”
In the students’ four years at Bristol Central, salutatorian Jean-Souvern Rioux said in his speech, “We’ve grown up a bit and taken a step closer to the people who change the world.”
Class essayist Vihn Cao provided many laughs with his words, rife with humor and tales of life at Central over the past four years. However, he noted in a more serious vein, “Each and everyone has a story worth living and a story worth telling… the world is what you make of it.”
As he addressed the students for the last time, Principal Pete Wininger told the graduates “Don’t doubt your abilities… We believe in all of you.”
Deputy Superintendent of Schools Susan Moreau told the graduates that they have reached a milestone “but not an end point.” She urged them to make use of their future to improve the world.
The Bristol Central High School class of 2015 is:
Jashleen Abreu Flores, Kayla Star Acevedo, Deyaneyra M. Adorno Lind, Ashley Marie Allen, Shelby Rae Allen, Miguel Angel Alvarado, Bryan Benjamin Alvarez, Daekwon Connell Anderson, Kyana N. Anderson, Marquis Malik Anderson, Philip John Andrews, Glenn Jalen Antrum, Kayla M. Arcouette, Simone Dionne Armour, Sammantha Katie Aubin, Aaron Terrence Elijah Bacchus, Emily Morgan Badal, Solomon M. Baldeo, Allison Balfour, Jan Baranovic, Angela Christina Barton, Alexis Rose Bernatchy, Connor Bernier, Morgan Taylor Linda Bibbins, Exzyla Bing-Olivo, Quentin Michael Blackwood, Amanda Blais, Jaime R. Bochenek, Ryan David Bodley, Stephanie Marie Bogazis, Taniesha Boibeaux, Noah Joseph Bongiovanni, Stephen Francis Boniecki, Michaela Bossi, Erica Lindsey Bouchard, Allison L. Bourgoin, Nicholas Michael Box, Amber Lee Boyne, Katherine Clarke Britt, Noah I. Brutcher, Salena L. Bulluss, Melissa Rose Buonafede, Taneysha Judith Burgos, John R. Burns, Edona Bushi, Karen Aurora Cabrera, Benjamin Gerard Cahill, Griffin A. Camden, Vinh Truong Cao, Cameron Walter Caouette, Krystal Carattini, Nicole Carlson, Shawn Caron, Brandon Castillo, Dylan Michael Chambers, Brooke Marie Chawner, Dominico Colon, D’Andre Terrell Conaway, Briana L. Corbin, Mallory Corcoran, Brittany Anne-Marie Cordero, Devin Amber Croce, Danielle A. Cudney, Christopher Cummings, Austin D. J. Curtis, Brooke R. Daigle, Mandy Colette Dallaire, Andrew Thomas Damon-Smith, Dylan J. Daniels, Brook April Dascenzo, Kaylee Jenna DeRose, Destiney Josephine DeVito, Stephanie R. Diaz-Gonzalez,
DJuvenson Dort, Julia Nicole Dowd, Brennan Thomas Drapeau, Christina Marie Driscoll, Ryan Edward Drouin, Nicole Dube, Connor Joseph Dupere, Samantha M. Duprey, Daniella Tindara Tatyana Dutkiewicz, Emily Sage Eckstrom, Ashley Elizabeth Elder, Rejo Elezovski, Deyanera Talia Elliott, Jake Ryan Emery, D’Andre C. Fabian, Kayla M. Farr, Shannon Marie Ferris, Andrew Jose Figueroa, Adam Thomas Flores, Chanler Ansel Florian, Liam S. Fossaluzza, Allisa Christine Fournier, Tsaiann Nichelle Frank, Alexondria Lee Gagliardi, Jenna Lee Gagnon, Felipe Garay-Ortega, Angela Garcia-Clark, Jordyn Elizabeth Gauvin, Destiny I. Gerena, Samantha Lee Getchell, Kelsey Amanda Giammatteo, Athena Irene Giannopoulos, Abby Jessie Gionfriddo, Jasmine Marie Gonzalez, Emily Renee Goodwin, Arabella Sue Goralski, Damita Iliana Grajales, Christian A. Griffin, Kerri Ann Guglietta, Jacob Hall, Aaliyah Hanning, Erich Hasemann, Jennifer Hernandez, Jenna Lynne-Beatrice Herpel, Caleb Andrew Hildebrand, Mason Hill, Juliana Marie Holcomb, Dillon James Howard,
Gary Ray Hoxha, Truc Thanh Huynh, Zachary T. Jacobs, Taylor Marie Jacquemin, Jason Jiang, Leslie Johnson, Hannah R. Kay, Colleen Marie King, Jamie Rose Kirsch, Haley Paris Knox, Alexia Josephine Kochin, Katherine Nicole Kuczenski, Victoria Rose LaBarre, Kaitlyn Michele Labbie, Michael Lamoureux, Gerald Joseph LaPenta, Nathan M. Lawley, Drew A. Lee, Carter Aaron Lehr, Kristen Nicole Lemieux, Richard Dominic “Lemke, Jr.”, Noah Claude Letourneau, Logan A. Licki, Karen Ann Litwinczyk, Angelica Iveliss Lopez, William Michael Litwinczyk, Brandon Michael Lopez, Elwin Lorenzo, Colby Alexander Macdonald, Elijah Mackiewicz, Erica Lynn MacNeil, Jacob Anthony Maglio, Phat Huu Mai, Brittany Kaylin Manchester, Benjamin Joseph Marcil, Christopher Matthew Martin, Giselle Aileen Martinez Hernandez, Anthony Mastroianni, Cara Rene Mastromarino, Ian Alexander Maties-Budris, Rocio Matus, Stephanie Nicole Maule, Kyele McClelland, Lydia Marie McGuiness, Angus Anthony McLeod, Jordan J. Meisinger, Colby Louis Melanson, Rebecca Brittney Mendela, Mark Michaud, Denzel Miller, Emily Bonita Mills, Alex Milosevic, Erika Monsalve Ruiz, Genesis Negron Cruz, Joshua R. Nelson, Collin D. Newman, Anthony Nicoletti, Joseph A. Nimchek, Timothy Norton, Katelyn G. O’Keefe, Patrick Neil O’Rourke, Tyler Oakes, Hector Ortiz, Emily A. Ouellette, Justace Ouellette, Kristofer M. Paparello, Keith Claude Paradis, Kyle Raymond Parker, Jeremy Michael Parracino, Francesco Callaghan Patria, Harrison Steven Patten, Katelyn Kathleen Pavloski, Natasha Alexsis Peabody, Thomas Daniel Pelletier, Hailey C. Peterson, Rachel Catherine Petke, Matthew Petrillo, Jessica Amanda Petruska, Kayla Jean Policarpio, Gabrielle Renee Pollard, Santino Francis Pompei, Jorge G. Ramos, Christopher Remillard, Kadeem Hugh Richards, Jean-Souvern Rioux, Armando Javier Rivera , Jaleyca Marie Rivera, Joshua George Rivera, Peter Rivera, Taylor Nicole Rivera, Thalia Jalyssa Rivera, Robert Michael Roberge, Darrien Jimmy Rodriguez, Eddie Nelson Rodriguez Salas, Amber B. Rosacker, Tavon K. Royster,
Kayla Elizabeth Rozanski, Daequawnt R. Rudolph, Landin Rutledge, Desiree M. Saindon, Gabrielle Paige Salls, Adriana Sanchez, Maria Nuriela Sanchez-Santana, Manuel J. “Sanders, Jr.”, Celeste Madreia Sapp, Maria Kate Sato, Lynette Marina Saucier, Nicholas John Savino, Brendan C. Schaffrick, Justin Jaquan Scott, Elizabeth Ashley Sears, Jason Severino, Kenneth P. Seward, Joshua Alexander Signore, Amber Jo Skinzera, Tianna Michelle Smith, Dylan Soucy, Kayla Elizabeth Southworth, Cassandra Spann, Connor James Spino, Kordian Krystian Stanecki, Monika Maria Stoklosa, Nathan Bradley Strom, David J. Stuckman, Celina J. Suite, Lillian Morgan Sundgren, Nicole Theresa Tabak, Rasmei D. Tep, Rachel E. Tessman, Dylan Leo Therrien, Jack Thomasen, William Jamill Tolliver, Cindy Truc, McKenna Jamison Trunk, Hannah Marie Tucker, William Robert Varasconi, Esharra Walton, Jillian Wanner, LeeAnn Ashley Waye, Bruce Gary Wellin, Destiny Marie Whitten, Gage Michaels Wiley, Dallas Wilson, Daquan Young, Michael Young, Ardita Zhuta, Kaitlynn Marie Zukowski


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