St. Paul alum sings about ‘Cycles’ in new video

Jillian Caillouette, a former student at St. Paul Catholic High School, has released a video for her new song, ‘Cycles.’ (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)



The ups and downs – the cycles – of relationships inspired the first song and video of a young Connecticut singer.

Jillian Caillouette, a graduate of Bristol’s St. Paul Catholic High School currently attending Western Connecticut State University, released the video for “Cycles” on March 30.

The song, co-written by Plainville’s Amy Urso, “is a true story of falling in and out of love with someone and deeply wishing that your feelings wouldn’t change,” said Caillouette, a Meriden resident.

“‘Cycles’ is also about the perfection we crave in a relationship and it takes an honest look at the dependency we have on our partner,” said Caillouette. “I believe you have to embrace the light and dark qualities of yourself and your partner, supporting and uplifting each other in both the good and bad times.”

“Life is full of change and we all go through cycles  what matters is how we choose to navigate through each phase of life and in our relationships,” said the singer.

Caillouette said, within the ballad, she wanted to convey “the mix of emotions that come with being in a relationship. I wanted the song to have a feeling of a magnetic, gravitational pull just like the moon.”

Of the songs she has written, Caillouette said she chose “Cycles” to introduce herself to new fans because “I feel the message can resonate with everyone and I have had this song in my heart for a very long time and intuitively knew it was the one to release.”

Caillouette, who appeared on stage in plays and musicals at St. Paul and has done the same during her time at Western said, “My theatrical training helps remind me to connect to every single word I’m saying in my music when I perform.”

The video attached to the song, said the fan of Hozier, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks, was the brainchild of Caillouette’s college roommate Alicia Napolitano and her friend Kristina Delp. The video, which follows two dancers portraying the cycles of a couple in love was choreographed by Shea Coughlin. The two dancers are Lauren Celentano and Mike Katz.

Everyone involved in the production of the video, said Cailloutte, was between 18 and 25 years old.

“I loved the concept because the way the video begins and ends completes a cycle just like the song does and the emotions we convey in the video are chillingly accurate to what I have experienced in the past,” said Caillouette, who is filmed sitting on a bed singing the songs between editing cuts of the dancers. “It takes you on a journey of a relationship and you get to see the happiness and the sadness we all go through when we are in love.”

“The final product took my breath away and I cried tears of joy,” said Cailloutte. “I have wanted to be part of a music video and write original music since I was a little girl.”

Next on the agenda for Cailloutte is the recording of a full-length album. She said she also has plans for some live performances over the summer.

“Cycles” by Jillian Caillouette is available on YouTube.

Jillian Caillouette, a former student at St. Paul Catholic High School, has released a video for her new song, ‘Cycles.’ (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)