Southington trooper graduates from state police training

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The Connecticut State Police on May 9 graduated 42 new state troopers, all members of the 127th Training Troop. Among them were Bristol’s Brian Lopez and Southington’s Kevin Roberts.

Colonel Stavros Mellekas, Commander of the State Police, and James C. Rovella, Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, congratulated the graduating class during a ceremony at Welte Auditorium at the Central Connecticut State University.

The 127th Training Troop entered the Connecticut State Police training academy on October 12, 2018, and completed more than 1,500 hours focused on training.  Much of that time was spent on physical conditioning, classroom work, water rescue, driving and other specialized areas of police work.

The 42 members of this class began the process of becoming state troopers more than a year ago. At that time, they applied for the positions, took the written test and the physical fitness assessment, along with observational and polygraph tests.

Among the 42 graduates, nine have military experience, 12 have prior law enforcement experience, 20 have bachelor degrees and five have graduate degrees.

Members of the 127th Training Troop have diverse backgrounds, training and experience.  Some have previously served as firefighters, EMTs, CDL drivers, dispatchers and correction officers, among many other professions. The youngest member of the class is 22 years old and the oldest is 40 years old. There are five women and 37 men among the graduates.

At their graduation Thursday, the newest troopers were sworn in by Colonel Mellekas and assigned to one of 11 state police troops located throughout Connecticut.