Steve Lepage tapped as superintendent

Steve Lepage, superindentent of schools
Steve Lepage was named as Plainville’s new superintendent of schools.



Steve Lepage was named as the new superintendent of Plainville Community Schools during the May 13 Board of Education meeting. Lepage is currently serving as the assistant superintendent of schools.

“My goal is for continuity, and I kind of packaged it this way with my entry plan: continuity, communication, community building,” said Lepage, “and also, listen, learn, and lead.”

Lepage graduated from Central Connecticut State University with an undergraduate degree in business management. Like many students, he said, he had several different ideas about what he kind of career he wanted to pursue.

After about a year in the business and finance world, he began working as a tutor for a special education student at a middle school in East Hartford. At the same time, he was working at the Newington Children’s Hospital (now known as the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center), in the school for children with emotional disturbances and issues.

During his time there, it was pointed out to Lepage that he had a gift for working with those students, and he was encouraged to go back to school. He attended the University of Hartford, where he completed his special education teaching certificate and master’s degree simultaneously.

His first teaching job came after completing both programs, when he was hired by the CCMC school.

Lepage took his first public teaching job in East Hartford, where he had previously been a tutor. He spent five years there before taking an opportunity in Wolcott to create his own ID2 certification program for an intermediate administrator.

He was then hired by the Wolcott high school as a full time teacher before being promoted to head the special education department. His last four years in Wolcott were spent serving as the assistant principal.

In 2010, he was hired as the principal of Plainville High School. He was promoted to assistant superintendent in 2016, and as of July 1, 2019, he will officially begin his role as superintendent.

In his role as assistant superintendent, Lepage was involved in matters of compliance, “heavy” disciplinary matters, served as a harassment coordinator, a 504 coordinator, the Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator, and handled policy updates, amongst other duties.

He described Plainville as a great and very unique town.

After his appointment, Lepage sent a letter to all district families, in which he said he is “excited to begin this new position and to work in partnership with the Board of Education and district staff for the benefit of the children and community.”

Some of his goals as superintendent include evaluating where the district is in relation to the strategic plan. He hopes to build on open lines of communication, and get more district families involved and engaged with the school district.

Lepage said he plans to host office hours or open house hours during the summer, in which citizens can to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns for the happenings in the school district.

“It will be a new type of work—approving of contracts and personnel, hiring new teachers—so, it’s different but we’ve always worked together on most things, so, I’m not overly worried or concerned that I won’t be able to do it,” said Lepage. “I just want to do it well and I want to be a great superintendent, so, I’ll look for advice from veteran superintendents, I’ll be calling Maureen I’m sure here and there, and other colleagues that I have that are superintendents, if I come across something that is an uncertainty for me.”

Lepage can be reached at (860) 793-3210 or

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