Tickets on sale for Taste of Bristol




With the arrival of a new year, the campaign for the 2020 edition Taste of Bristol is underway.

Tickets for the event to be held in March and April are currently available for $5. The ticket gets you a 20% off discount at any of the 42 participating restaurants for up to six people.

“It’s a fundraiser for the West End Association. We use the money that we raise from it to help defray the cost of the Rockwell Park Summer Festival. It’s our biggest expense of the year,” said West End Association president Dave Hamelin. “We’re very fortunate that the festival has a variety of sponsors that believe in that community event.”

“You have your meal, you hand over your Taste of Bristol ticket, they take 20% off of your food, and they just check their name off the back of the ticket,” said Hamelin. “There’s some places that do not check their name off – they don’t care, come back as many times as you want.”

All of the participating restaurants are locally owned, and are not part of a chain.

“It’s an inexpensive no-brainer,” said Hamelin. “Its worked out really, really well. We sell typically 1,000 tickets a year. We print enough tickets; we never run out.”

Hamelin said this year has the most restaurants participating than in the past. The average has been 30. He said all the association members keep their eyes and ears open about any new restaurants that come to Bristol, in hopes that they’ll want to participate in the event. West End Vice president Jesse Jablon works in advertising, so he reaches out to the Bristol restaurants to see if they want to participate.

The Taste of Bristol started when a member brought up the idea at a West End Association meeting five years ago and has been going ever since

Tickets are available at the Central CT Chambers of Commerce, Cafe Real, Hamelin & Sons, Jimmy’s on the River, The Parkside Café Bristol, Greer’s Chicken, South Side Meat Market, Imagine Nation Museum & Minuteman Press Of Bristol..