What you need to know for Election Day


Election Day will be on Tuesday, Nov. 5, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. For the first time in Connecticut, same day registration will be taking place, so anyone who isn’t registered to vote can do so on Nov. 5, and vote that same day.

In Bristol, voters will be casting ballots on a mayor, six City Council members, one city treasurer, two Board of Assessment Appeals members, and three constables.

For mayor, the candidates are Republican Ken Cockayne and Democrat Chris Wilson. For council District 1, candidates are Republicans Thomas Hick and Eric Carlson, and Democrats Calvin Brown and Stephen Jeffries.

For council District 2, candidates are Republicans Richard Miecznikowski and Henri Martin, and Democrats Bob Vojtek and Allen Marko, and Unaffiliated Frank Kramer.

For council District 3, candidates are Republicans Derek Czenczelewski and James Albert, and Democrats Mary Fortier and Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.

Residents who vote at Edgewood School, 345 Mix St.; Northeast Middle School, 530 Stevens St.; Mountain View School, 71 Vera Rd., are in District 1.

Residents who vote at Chippens Hill Middle School, 551 Peacedale St.; West Bristol School, 500 Clark Ave.; or South Side School, 21 Tuttle Rd. are in District 2.

Residents who vote at Bristol Eastern High School, 632 King St.; Bristol Elks Club, 126 South St.; or Greene-Hills School, 718 Pine St., are in District 3.

The Bristol Registrar of Voters office has been sending out notifications to individuals whose polling places have changed. Those who previously voted at Stafford School, now vote at Bristol Eastern High School.

Those who previously voted at the Polish American Citizens Club, now vote at the West Bristol School.

Those who previously voted at the American Legion, now vote at the B.P.O.E. Lodge (Bristol Elks Club.

Candidates for the Board of Assessment Appeals are Republicans Mary Alford and Stacey Raymond, Democrats Richard Harlow and Shirley Salvatore, and petitioning candidate Dominic Pasquale Jr.

Candidates for Constables are Republicans Joel Boutwell, Joseph Geladino, and Timothy Lee Ceritello, and Democrats Sarah Sullivan, Joella Bouchard Mudry, and Kate Matthews.

For city treasurer, candidates are Republican Thomas Barnes Jr., and Democrat Sandra Stafford.

This year, there will also be three charter questions for voters to answer.

One question will ask voters whether or not they feel elected officials, like mayor and city council members, should have their terms limited to four successive two-year terms. In the same question, voters will decide whether or not they think Board of Education members should have terms limited to two successive four-year terms.

Another question will ask voters if they think the current elective office of constables should be eliminated.

The final question asks voters about language changes that had been suggested for the City Charter.

The city’s Registrar of Voters can be reached at (860) 584-6165.