App available to report issues in city

The Town of Bristol

The City of Bristol has contracted with Really Simple Reporting to bring a customized phone app to city residents to encourage reporting and feedback on issues within the city.

Really Simple Reporting is a free downloaded app from the iPhone or Android store. Once downloaded, the app allows residents to report common issues directly to City staff.

With the new app, when you see something you want to report, the user takes a photo and hits send.

The city then receives an email stating the problem or issue, a photo, and the exact GPS location. Using this app residents are able to report blight/illegal bulk, burned out lights, pot holes, abandoned shopping carts, and hazardous road conditions. If they choose to use the custom button in the app, residents can report all other concerns not listed.

Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said in a press release, “With people using their phones for so many things, I think this is going to be very successful. This new app fits perfectly with our philosophy of partnering with residents to create the highest quality of life. The ability to hear about issues affecting the city directly from residents will help us document and create efficiencies.”

“We have been practicing with this for the last 60 days to work out the bugs,” stated Public Works Analyst Lindsey Rivers in a press release. Rivers oversees the work order and request process. “Our city staff in several departments have been using it while they are out on the road and it is very easy to use.”