Bristol Historical Society seeks images for June program


A multi-media presentation, “Bristol /Forestville Recycled: Then and Now,” will be held on Thursday, June 18 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, June 20 at 1 p.m. as part of the Third Thursday Programs at the Bristol Historical Society.

“It will feature past views of our community, some which have endured, others that have passed out of existence, and still others that have transitioned into different venues at past locations,” said Tom Dickau in a press release. “Hopefully, this presentation will draw the interest of city residents.”

Dickau asked that one with images email him at with scans or communication, or by telephone at 860-582-1537.

In the memo line, “program images.”

Dickau said in the release, “ I would be glad to scan or photograph these pictures and return them to the owner, or if the person wishes to donate these to the Bristol Historical Society on their behalf. Acknowledgement of receipt would be sent by BHS.”


Seeking images of the following:


Any Storefronts:

Main and North Main streets before redevelopment, other stores as well.


Any images:

Bristol Shopping Plaza, Bristol Commons and other Farmington Avenue shopping areas.



Hamp’s, Lamonico’s, Sebastian’s, Blue Lantern, Copper Mine Café, Sabino’s, Leone’s, Bristol Works, and others at south end of Main Street.


Early gas stations or car dealerships: 

Doty’s (corner of Mix Street and Route 6)

Atwood Chevrolet, Chic Miller’s.

Seleman’s – Forestville

Bristol Lincoln Mercury (Big John’s)



Any A& P Stores (Bristol and Forestville)

Any Finast ofr First National (Bristol or Forestville)

Any “Mom and Pop” Stores: Kloczko, Ann and Matt’s, Benny’s, Bozak’s, Schular’s Market, Ferraro’s Meat Center, and any others



Redman’s Dairy

Hubbard’s Florist (Riverside avenue)

Beach Lumber Company (Middle street

Bristol Lumber Company (North Main Street)

Novak’s Pharmacy

Forestville Pharmacy (Forestville Center before Flood of 1955)

Redstone Hill Golf Club

Loew’s Movie Theater (Forestville Plaza)

Forestville Little League Fields: Sarah E. Reynolds School and Wilson Field.