CBIA awards Sampson 100% on voting record

Rep. Rob Sampson (R-Southington, Wolcott)

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) released their 2019 State House voting records annual report, and Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16) was awarded a 100% score by the organization for votes that support large and small businesses around the state. Sampson’s overall score was based on votes in committee in the senate on a series of “key bills” that would either positively or negatively impact Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and business climate. Votes that support the business community’s position would reflect positively, while votes against will result in a lowered score. Some of the key issues included: paid family medical leave act (FMLA) mandate, minimum wage, state-run healthcare, the state budget, and manufacturing jobs and careers to name a few. “Connecticut will not succeed unless its businesses succeed,” said Sampson in a press release. “One of my priorities in the legislature has been to eliminate burdensome regulations, lower taxes, and help the people of my district and the state make and keep more money.” Sampson was one relatively few legislators to receive a perfect score from the association.