City comptroller receives honors


The City of Bristol’s Comptroller, Diane Waldron was recently recognized by her peers and colleagues at the annual meeting of the Connecticut Government Finance Officers’ Association (CTGFOA), and presented with the Al Young Award.

The award was established by Hooker & Holcombe in 1990 to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to Connecticut government finance. Al Young served as the Director of Finance for the Town of Windsor for 30 years. He retired in 1981, and became a pension consultant for Hooker & Holcombe until 1990.

“Diane has a long and distinguished career in Public Finance within the State of Connecticut,” said Councilman David Preleski in a press release. Preleski served on the interview committee panel that hired Waldron in 2017. “She was the most qualified candidate we interviewed by far, and has made significant contributions to moving Bristol forward in the last two years.”

Preleski noted in the press release that Waldron took charge of moving the timing of the pension contributions from the end of the fiscal year to the beginning of the year – saving the city $200,000 annually. She also saved the city $1.4 million in the re-funding of prior bond issues.

“She has been and continues to be a great leader, and outstanding contributor to the Connecticut GFOA and the New England GFOA – both of which she is serving as president currently, and continues to hold a position on both of these executive boards,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu in the city press release. “In doing so, Bristol benefits from her involvement at that level and her network of contacts.”


For Bristol, Waldron was given addition duties of overseeing the City’s Employee Health Benefits division which was previously under the Human Resources Department, as well as is part of the city’s labor contract negotiation team. She is also currently serving on the Committee Retirement and Benefits Administration for the National Government Finance Officers’ Association of the United States and Canada, which tracks new industry practices, regulatory and legislative developments, and issues best practices to assist public pension and personnel officers.