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David Evans has a background in software and Information Technology (IT), so it isn’t surprising that he heads a company that made it on the list of Top 40 Tech Firms in Connecticut. However, Evans said his business isn’t something he necessarily sought out, but he has the ticket to make it successful.
EasySeat Tickets is based in Plainville, and is an online reseller of tickets to events like concerts, theater performances, sports and more.
Evans, president and CEO of EasySeat, said he started his own software company where he created software for the secondary ticket industry. While working in the industry, he had a few $1,000s in tickets left over from previous clients, and decided to sell them online, in a legal and safe way.
“I figured I’d just sell them to make some extra money,” Evans said, adding that selling these tickets would be another asset to his investment portfolio.
Eventually, he was ending up with more tickets and more profits, and about a year-and-a-half after that he realized he had a business.
“It wasn’t necessarily something I set out to do explicitly, just through circumstances I fell into it,” Evans said, adding that in 2007 he officially opened up EasySeat Tickets, a legal and safe way for fans to find tickets to their favorite events.
While EasySeat carries tickets for events nationwide, they specialize in events based in and around Connecticut.
“If there is an event that is relevant to someone here, we make the effort to have those tickets available,” Evans said. “We focus really on the customers.”
EasySeat gets its tickets from season ticket holders, venues, sponsors, people who might not be able to attend a show anymore, and more. Evans said the best example is when there is a show at Mohegan Sun Casino, which saves the best tickets in the house for its high rollers.
“The only way to get those tickets is to know a high roller,” Evans said, “and we know those high rollers.” EasySeat facilitates a transaction so others interested in attending a specific show are able to have access to hard-to-get tickets.
Recently, the Connecticut Technology Council and Marcum LLP, an accounting firm, announced the Top 40 Tech Firms in the state, with 10 of those companies coming from Hartford County. EasySeat was named one of the top tech firms under the New Media/Internet/ Telecom categories, and Evans said this honor “is recognition of our growth over the last four years.”
According to the regulations of the recognition, each company must have at least $3 million in revenue to qualify.
“It is definitely an acknowledgement of what we’ve done and our commitment to the state. We’re not done here yet either, we want everyone to know about us online, and offline,” Evans said, adding that the company is focusing on its offline presence now, and he said once the company feels it has perfected its model in the state, it plans to take it to other markets that are underserved.
“There is room to find these kinds of markets, who are able to have someone in the industry who can relate to the community and commit to it,” he said, adding that just because a certain market or area is small, doesn’t mean someone who truly understands the industry can’t be present there.
Not only is EasySeat available online, it has four offices in Connecticut, and its headquarters is based in Plainville. In August, EasySeat also announced a partnership with University of Connecticut athletics, which Evans said was a “seal of approval,” and affirmation, he said, that the company is “doing things right.”
Easy Seat’s inventory is primarily based upon what time of year it is. He said the sports tickets are the consistent driver that allows the company to keep operating, and while the concert tickets are less predictable, they are also much more profitable.
For more information on EasySeat Tickets, visit or call (877) 849-9411. In addition to its headquarter location in Plainville, EasySeat has offices in East Hartford, Hartford, and Storrs.
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