CC Writers ride into Bare Bones Nov. 16

The CC Writers (Central Connecticut Writers Group) will read their works in progress at Bare Bones, Friday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. The CC Writers includes novelist Dawn Leger, former Plainville High School English teacher and novelist Chuck Radda, screenwriter Michele Boyko, memorist Frank DeFrancesco, and poet and fiction writer David Fortier.
Leger, a Bristol native, has to her credit one published novel, “Flight.” She has worked as a journalist at Bristol Today, where she was also a co-owner. She is active with local charities and has taught fiction writing at Bristol Adult Ed.
Radda, a New Britain native, taught English at Plainville High School for 35 years and also served as yearbook advisor for 30 of them. He is girls tennis coach, a job he has held since 1986. He spends most of his time juggling several novels, trying to keep characters straight, and figuring out what they’re doing when he is not watching them…and what they’re doing when he is. He has been married to Deanie for 44 years and they have two children, grown—obviously.
Boyko, a Bristol native, currently is in the pre-production phase of producing her screen play, “Spirit of the Fourth.” If all goes as planned, shooting will begin this summer. She is particularly proud that almost all the actors in the movie are Bristol residents, and that much of the film will be shot in Bristol. Boyko is a local activist with involvement in many community projects. Most recently she was one of the planners of the Bristol Stomp, honoring local Bristol owner Marty Hurwitz.
A Bristol transplant, DeFrancesco has worked for public health and non-profit organizations, until his untimely retirement just over a year ago. He lives somewhere on the Terryville line with his partner of 24 years and their 95-pound Wiemardor, Benedict Bentley, or Benni for short. He has been blogging under the title Reluctant Rebel since 2006 and has taken to heart the De-motivational Poster that reads: “Blogging: Never Before Have So Many People With So Little To Say, Said So Much To So Few”
Fortier, a Bristol native and high school English teacher, recently edited a collection of short essays by various authors that was published under the title, “Unexpected Presence: Twelve Surprising Encounters with the Divine Spirit.” He contributed an essay of his own. He writes a weekly column for the Bristol Observer, and is at work on a short story collection.
Bare Bones is a community organizer, art gallery and cafe located at 156 Summer St. For more information about hours and events, check out Bare Bones on Facebook.