Gladiators pack in victories

Zion Otero of Bristol, in back, puts Jacob Perez of Newington in a hold at the annual Gladiators wrestling tournament on Dec. 23 at Bristol Eastern High School.

Over 500 wrestlers descended on Bristol Eastern High School on Sunday, Dec. 23 for the annual Gladiators tournament. Following a 26 second moment of silence in memory of Newtown, wrestling got underway on eight mats from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The following Gladiator wrestlers earned medals in their weight classes:
Cristian Fitzgerald (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Zion Otero (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Benjamin Bianchi (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Rocco Barbino (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Rayven Duquette (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Tyler Lavoie (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
James Peterson (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Intermediate Will Hamilton (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Tommy Nichols (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Andrew Lozier (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Alex Marshall (Gladiators) – Second
Victor Rosa (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Graham Boisits (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Mason Lishness (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Cameron Cruz (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Kaiden Dionne (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Nathan Petersen (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Robert Mosback (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third

Carson Sassu (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Blake Holder (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Galen Hickey (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Trinidad Gonzalez (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Conor Guilford (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Jagger Duquette (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Noah Piazza (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Middle School Justin Marshall (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Andrew Tilbe (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Dathan Hickey (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Zachary Mauro (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Ethan Pearson (Gladiator Wrestling) – First
Jordan Champagne (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Zachary Johnson (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Zach Marquis (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Brett Scully (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Chistopher Trelli (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Julio Ruiz (Gladiator Wrestling) – Second
Bryce Beebe (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Noah Corliss (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Emily Brandi (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Zachary Sassu (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Christopher Kavanagh (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third
Michael Massarelli (Gladiator Wrestling) – Third