Stafford Avenue convenience store robbery

Police are searching for two men who they say robbed the 7 Star store at 104 Stafford Ave., Wednesday night at about 11 p.m., with weapons. According to a press release, Omair Shalo was closing the store when he was approached by two males, one who put a gun to his head and the other who hit Shalo with a bat on his arm and leg and knocked him to the ground.
The suspects are described as being dressed completely in black with black masks, and the release said one of the males was thin and the other had a muscular build.
Police searched the area with a police dog but were unable to locate anyone. The suspects took the bag of money Shalo had which had $9,500 in it. Shalo was taken to Bristol Hospital with minor injuries.
Anyone with any information please call the Bristol Police Department at (860)584-3011.