GOP candidate wants tax credits for seniors who volunteer

City Councilman Ken Cockayne, the Republican nominee for mayor of Bristol, in a press release issued a statement calling for a Senior Volunteer Tax Credit. This credit will be available to any Bristol resident age 62 and over who owns real property and calls Bristol their primary residence, said the release.

“This is a great opportunity to allow our elderly residents to give of their time, talent and knowledge,“ Cockayne said in the campaign press release, “At this juncture of their lives affording them the opportunity to give back to their community in the form of volunteering and being able to save tax dollars in the process is a win-win for our city, our community organizations, and our residents.”

Under the terms of Cockayne’s plan, the campaign announcement said, “any resident who provides 100 hours of volunteer time within the fiscal year will be awarded a $500 tax credit on their current taxes. The participant must volunteer their time at scientific, educational, literacy, historical, governmental, charitable, or non-profit entity located within the City of Bristol. In addition, his plan will call for qualifying participants to fall within an agreeable income limit.”

“I believe that this tax credit will allow many elderly residents the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to help teach our children a good work ethic and offer many of our local organizations much needed volunteers to help promote their missions,” Cockayne said in the release.

Cockayne added, according to the press release, “Other communities in Connecticut have adopted this very same type of ordinance and it has benefited not only the city but the participant as well.”

“I intend to ask the members of the new Ordinance Committee to begin the process of exploring this tax credit and to begin the public dialogue needed to implement this proposal,” Cockayne was quoted in the campaign release. “Our community as a whole will benefit from more volunteers and the guidance these residents have to offer and I look forward to it coming to fruition.”