Cash mob coming to ArtisTree

Bristol Rising is bringing Cash Mobs back downtown.
This time, the community group helping revitalize downtown is instituting a Cash Mobs program that they hope will influx cash into three local downtown businesses a year.
Cash Mobs are day-long events where the community selects a local business to spend a minimum predetermined amount of cash, like $10, on a given date in order to help sustain and reward a local business in the neighborhood. It’s like a reverse boycott.
“Cash Mobs are not only fun, but they serve a good cause,” said Mark Walerysiak Jr., Community Liaison for Bristol Rising in a press release.
“Most people hear ‘spending local is good,’ but few really understand why. The why is everything, and that’s what we want to communicate,” Walerysiak said in a press release. “Studies have shown that when you spend money at a local business, as much as three times of the money spent stays and re-circulates in Bristol.”
The next Cash Mob will take place on Saturday, Nov. 2 at ArtisTree Tea House, the new tea house opening on School Street. The Mob will take place during Artistree’s grand opening weekend, and will kick off at 11 a.m. and run until closing at 4 p.m.
Owner Dori Green said in a press release, “I’m really grateful to be mobbed. When people come down to support me, they’ll get a friendly experience for all ages with interesting demos from other Connecticut businesses, products and gifts from local artisans, and a fun Mad Hatter Theme to snap festive photos with, so bring a friend. And any one in costume will get a small gift to celebrate.”