United Way: Making the case for giving

United Way isn’t about short-term charity, it’s about lasting change. We look at the big picture and provide large-scale solutions to the root causes of problems in our community. Many organizations simply apply band-aids to these problems and, time and again, we see this approach fail because it never changes anything. By focusing on community-level issues, we are doing something unique and important. And we’re having a real impact.
Through our education programs, more young children are entering kindergarten ready to learn and succeed; middle school students are feeling more connected to their communities and doing better in school; and more high school students are educating their peers on important topics, such as leadership, reckless driving, and suicide prevention.
Through our income programs, more families are receiving the tax benefits owed to them, thus increasing their household income; more individuals are receiving financial education on topics such as budgeting, debt and credit; and more families are working one-on-one with a financial coach to improve their financial stability.
Through our health programs, more people have access to services that can give them a hand up when they call 2-1-1; more families are saving money on their prescription costs; and fewer senior citizens are becoming victims of crime.
By looking at the building blocks of a good life for everyone – education, income and health – our approach is holistic and provides a complete solution. We don’t work in isolation or in a silo. We bring together partners from all sectors of the community to transform the quality of life for our residents and truly improve our city.
At the United Way of West Central Connecticut, we are:
Local – 100% of your contribution helps people living in Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, and Plymouth/Terryville.
Comprehensive – United Way advances the common good by working with many diverse partners to solve complex issues that one single organization could not do alone.
Connected – United Way recruits people and organizations who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done.
Accountable – Local volunteers determine how United Way resources are used and make sure that positive results are measured and reported.
Powerful – Your contribution often leverages other resources that help build a stronger region. The money raised each and every year is invested into local programs and services focusing on education, income and health – the building blocks for a good quality of life for all.
When you support United Way, you’re not just supporting our organization – you’re supporting the whole community. Please consider giving to us and help to change the world. Simply log onto our website to make a donation today: uwwestcentralct.org/donate
This is the sixth column in an eight-week series from United Way of West Central Connecticut’s president and CPO, Donna Osuch.