Public Works issues statement on snow removal

The Bristol Public Works Department issued the following statement on snow removal:
Bristol Public Works and the Police Department is reminding Bristol residents that City Ordinance (Sect. 21-24.) states that deposit of snow on public streets and neighboring properties is forbidden and can be subject to a $75 fine per offense.
Please remember that blowing or plowing snow from driveways or sidewalks onto the street is not allowed. The ordinance addressing this is noted below.
Sect. 21-24:
It is forbidden for property owners or any other person to deposit snow in the streets, except the natural fall of snow upon sidewalks, and sidewalk wheelchair ramps, which shall not be deposited in the travelway portion of the street, or to cause the deposit of snow upon abutting or adjacent properties or properties which are not immediately contiguous to the property owners’ without the consent of the other property owner. The police department is authorized to issue infractions for violations of this section pursuant to Bristol Code of Ordinances section 1-11.
We appreciate the cooperation of Bristol residents while they work to clear snow from their property.