Mayor announces he is continuing fight against blight

Mayor Ken Cockayne (R-Bristol) today announced his continued war on blight in our community by ordering the demolition of three more condemned homes in the City of Bristol. Final notices have been sent to three property owners demanding that they clean up their properties or the city will demolish them, said the mayor in a press release.
The release said properties are located at 86 Divinity St., 147 Gridley St., and 52 Sharon St. “I have ordered the removal of these properties in my continued effort to clean up Bristol and send a strong message to all Bristol property owners that my administration is serious about code enforcement,” Cockayne said, according to the press release.
The news release said the mayor made blight and the need to strongly support ther code enforcement team a cornerstone of his campaign for office this past year. Less than two months in office, the release noted the mayor ordered three properties demolished. Two properties have been taken down and the third property owner heeded the warning and took out the appropriate permits to renovate the property. If the next three properties are not renovated, the release said the total of demolitions will be five, including the above mentioned properties.
“I said during my campaign that the mayor sets the agenda regarding code enforcement and my agenda is to get serious about the problem and relieve some of our more distressed areas of these eyesores,” Cockayne said in his news release. “I am hopeful that property owners who have ignored our demands to clean up their properties will get the message that we have bulldozers and cranes on standby.”
The release said the mayor added “My administration is willingly to work with any property owner that needs either help or time in cleaning up their property, however; there will be deadlines set and adhered to for a clean up process to be considered.”
“It is my hope that code enforcement will be much stronger in 2014 and this administration will continue to send the message that we are serious about cleaning up the City of Bristol,” Cockayne was quoted in his release.