Opinion: Mayor decries new state budget


To the editor:

Early Wednesday morning, the House of Representatives passed a two year budget that raises taxes by nearly two billion dollars. This budget was passed despite the pleas of businesses who have threatened to cease operations in Connecticut.

Closer to home, two of Bristol’s largest taxpayers get hit hard by this budget. ESPN and Bristol Hospital will see millions of dollars in new taxes. This budget kills any hope for local municipalities to market their cities for future job growth or expansion. That in itself can hurt your grand list and cause taxes to rise.

In the City of Bristol, we just adopted a budget with a zero tax increase. Due to the efforts of our department heads and the Board of Finance, in conjunction with my office, we were able to not raise taxes this year, while adding $1.6 million dollars for road improvements.

Today is a sad day for the State of Connecticut. I am extremely grateful for the work by the Board of Finance in helping to show that we, in the City of Bristol, can lead the way by rolling up our sleeves and making the tough choices.


Ken Cockayne


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