Local swimwear designer generates interest overseas

A swimsuit designer from Berlin, Conn. is getting some attention from the fashion magazines on the other side of the pond.
Kasia Roginska, the designer behind KARO Swimwear, is no stranger to fashion media. Her work has been seen in an assortment of glossies and websites since she launched the line.
But in June, her swimwear found its way into the pages of British Vogue.
In an email interview, Kasia explained the U.K. version of the famous fashion periodical “actually emailed me to say that they loved browsing through my collection on the website and asked if I would like to be part of an advertorial page.”
Kasia explained Vogue “felt like the designs were elegant and suitable to be advertised in the magazine.” She wasn’t sure how legitimate the request was. But when she confirmed that it was indeed genuine, “I almost fell off the chair . It was very exciting and rewarding.” (How they found her, Kasia said she doesn’t know. And Vogue hasn’t said.)
Kasia said since British Vogue reached out, she has found other magazines taking notice. “British Elle, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan have contacted me as well, which was super awesome.”
The attention adds to the big moments for the local brands. For instance, Kasia said she recently saw a photograph of (“Real Housewives of Miami” star) Joanna Krupa wearing a KARO bikini.
For those unfamiliar with the local designer, Kasia explained, “KARO swimwear is divided into three collections… one is an online boutique and has pieces in stock and ready to buy. The basic parts are manufactured and all detail work such as beading, embroidery, rhinestones, jewelry is handmade on the spot. The remaining collections have a variety of editorial pieces and other amazing suits that can be ordered in any size but will take two to four weeks to deliver, depending on the complexity.”
Additionally, Kasia said she also custom makes fitness bikinis for competitors.
And KARO is branching out to the other sex now. Kasia said male beach boxers are available to purchase and are coming to the website soon.
To further grow the brand, Kasia is looking into finding a manufacturer to mass-produce the suits. She also is working with a public relations firm to get the word out about the collection and is working with a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles to get her designs out in the media.
Topping her wish list for the coming months, said Kasia, is finding an angel investor for the brand. “There are so many amazing ideas bursting in my mind but there’s only so much one person can do.”
For more information about KARO Swimwear, go to KAROSwimwear.com
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